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Launched in 2010 on M6, top chef never ceases to amaze. This is evident from the record audience, with an average of about 3 million viewers per episode – and peaks at almost 5 million. What do you like so much? A recipe with unchanging basic ingredients. Namely: simple rules, tests often as salty as they are instructive, talented competitors with strong personalities and, to push them through the mill, a prestigious jury, composed this year of Philippe Etchebest, Paul Pairet, Hélène Darroze and , for the first times, by three-star chef Glenn Viel. It is easy to imagine that such a fad has “practical” consequences. That? Overview in the form of true-false…

It has an impact on candidates: true

Emphasizing their know-how, their imagination and their personality, many young chefs have seen their lives turned upside down happily by top chef. Among them Franck Pelux.

Finalist of Season 8 in 2017 and now the star of Grandmaster of La Table, at the Lausanne Palace, he confirms:

“For me and my partner Sarah there was a before/after, there’s no denying it. Becoming known to the general public and the big chefs – those who look like the ones who come on the show as guests – clearly speeds things up, and if we manage to make good proposals during the competition, it has a huge impact.

In terms of attendance, for example. In this case, the bubbling Bourguignon – which indicates “to be full two months in advance” and emphasizes the importance of the product, its seasonality and the emotion a dish evokes – estimates the proportion of gourmets who come to its table for the first time because of its participation in top chef… “even though it has been five years now!” He adds: “This show has put a lot of people on the gastronomic ladder – which has especially encouraged them to try candidates’ establishments. top chef. Some even make the rounds of all the competitors they liked.

Obviously, he nuances, not all “old people” would deliver the same speech: “There are two key elements to maintaining the positive effect. On the one hand, our personalities that mark or not, it is clear. And on the other hand, time spent with people in their living room: someone who only stays for two weeks would not have been able to penetrate the public like the one who is in the last square!

The prestigious jury of this season 13? From left to right: Paul Pairet, newcomer Glenn Viel, Hélène Darroze and Philippe Etchebest. © PIERRE OLIVIER/M6

It affects culinary modes: false

Contrary to what one might think, top chef does not launch a particular fashion, explains Franck Pelux: “This competition is a reflection of gastronomic news. Obviously, by doing what we are good at, we are highlighting certain trends, that’s true, but concretely, we don’t create anything, we don’t invent anything!

It has an impact on the image of the cook: true

One of the virtues of top chef must have returned his noble letters to the profession of cook:

“The spectators can realize that nothing is as simple as it seems, that it takes a lot of effort. For once, it generates a form of respect that we didn’t necessarily have before!

At the same time, the competition has triggered many vocations among young people: “It is indeed very positive. That said, because they don’t necessarily realize it takes years and years of hard work to get to the top and the reality is hard – ten to twelve hours a day in the kitchen, menial tasks like peeling potatoes daily, etc. –, I’m not sure if they all hold up and stay in the business for a very long time.”

It has an impact on our daily lives: true

Stamped on the many derivatives in addition to the rushes top chef (utensils, accessories, recipe books, etc.), this entertainment has caused a true revolution in the palate: “It has created new epicureans – which is good because they will fill the good restaurants and change the way they cook!” notes Franck Pelux op. Wishful thinking?Not according to a poll in France in 2018. In fact, 20% of respondents have changed their habits thanks to Stéphane Rotenberg’s competition, 34% cook healthier than before (fresh and seasonal dishes) and 42% of the crazy people in this program is regularly inspired by the recipes presented for daring to embark on more varied menus.And that too is great (chef)!

Top Chef, Season 13, airs Wednesdays at 9:10 PM on M6. Franck Pelux and his partner perform in the La Table du Lausanne palace.

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