is e-commerce via tweets becoming a reality for everyone?

A new update will be part of the new ‘Purchases’ tab in user profiles on Twitter, which is expected to be launched with Super Follows. So it shows the subscriptions and/or digital tickets purchased in the application…

Twitter Commerce has been launched!

Twitter joins the growing list of apps looking to be an alternative to e-commerce with a new suite of shopping tools that will become the next big step on the social network.

This new update provides product listings associated with integrated company profiles. It allows Twitter users to save product listings and make purchases directly from tweeted content in the app.

How it works ?

User Chris Floyd recently shared a tweet, shared by Matt Navarra, revealing the new “Purchases” tab already appearing for some users. A click shows an overview of paid subscriptions or rooms for which you have paid in the app.

However, products purchased through the app will be available for viewing very soon. Twitter is currently expanding its product listings, including product display panels for company profiles, which are already available to a small group of companies in the United States.

In addition, the social network tests product screens in tweets in an attempt to generate an instant response.

The development of e-commerce and the future of social networks

The future of social networks also lies in e-commerce as more and more applications want to make their platforms the ideal channel for users to buy a product without leaving their profile, Twitter event. It remains to be seen whether users will be open to shopping via tweets…

Indeed, the transition from Twitter to the world of e-commerce will not be easy, because despite the initial intention of the platform to launch these new updates before Christmas 2021, the company still has many projects in progress.

Indeed, the social network had launched the live test of its new Shop module last July. Users can scroll through the product carousel and tap a single product to learn more and buy, seamlessly in an in-app browser, without leaving the social network.

In addition, Twitter tests product views in tweets, providing another way to generate instant response to its activity. Also, let’s not forget that it tests Super Follows, Twitter Blue, rooms with tickets and other payment options at the same time.

At Twitter’s Analyst Day presentation in February, where it first announced its Super Follow platform for creators, the company spoke briefly about its investments in e-commerce.

“We’re starting… exploring ways to better support commerce on Twitter,” Bruce Falck, Twitter’s chief revenue officer, said at the event. “We know that people come to Twitter to interact with brands and discuss their favorite products. You may have even noticed that some companies are already developing creative ways to enable sales on our platform.

“This request gives us confidence in the power of combining real-time conversations with an engaged and targeted audience. Imagine being able to discover a new skincare product or trending sneaker with just a few clicks and quickly buy from a brand you follow,” Falck adds.

However, the bet is clear: soon commerce via tweets will be a reality for everyone, which will undoubtedly be a new way for brands to take advantage of their profiles to generate more visibility for their products and for users. ads.

Will it work for Twitter? That remains to be seen…

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