Pharmacy transformation: a winning bet for the holder and its customers – 04/19/2022 – News

Increased cash flow, new missions, consumer confidence at an all-time high… never before have pharmacists been so valued and able to develop their pharmacy to meet the new expectations of customer patients and their new consumption habits.
However, such a change cannot be improvised to obtain the expected results: relying on a brand with a strong reputation*, a phygital concept and the most complete range of services, seems to be the reflex to be applied by any pharmacist who wants to expand his activity develop .

Digital at the service of the pharmacy

Ultra-connected, customers have adopted new consumption habits, which pharmacists must now subscribe to. To respond to this, the concept of a pharmacy that is both phygital and service-oriented, in use by Pharmacie Lafayette since 2016, allows pharmacists to meet the demands of their customers: offering an e-pharmacy site (e-pharmacy commerce or showcase) on which the internet user can scan his prescription, make an appointment with his pharmacist for a vaccine or even find current offers and the possibility to place an order online. And for the collection of purchases, the Lafayette Pharmacies have adapted here too: click & collect, drive service or even home delivery.
In addition, omnichannel and local communication will be introduced to develop and maintain the patient base of its members: social media animation, pharmacy web support, as well as sending personalized SMS and emails to the 1.6 million carriers. the cross-brand loyalty card.

Pharmacists supported in the management, management and development of their pharmacy

For many holders, it is a daily challenge to take on the dual role of health professional and business manager. To support them in their pharmacy management, management and growth, Pharmacie Lafayette has invested in the development of dedicated tools. Objective for the board, to facilitate the daily life of its members and allow them to focus on their main role, that of 1er health centers in their city thanks to:

  • A modeling tool that allows the brand-integrated design office from A to Z to design a complete overhaul of the pharmacy
  • A tool for strategic analysis of merchandising positioning, both on the product and on the shelf
  • A margin management tool to be as competitive as possible against the competition while increasing profitability
  • Exclusive brands committed to organic and natural products, with eco-friendly packaging, real levers of differentiation and loyalty

A training dynamic, a vector for pharmacy team loyalty

If pharmacists have a good reputation with the French, they nevertheless have significant recruitment problems. To retain pharmacy teams, Pharmacie Lafayette is expanding and revitalizing its training offerings. In total, more than 250 modules are available, both face-to-face, webinar and e-learning, on topics as diverse as health training (CPD/non-CPD), sales techniques, management or even product training. With convincing results: after training in sales techniques, the average basket increased by € 2; after product training, the number of sales has increased, depending on the pharmacy and the product, between 30 and 300%. The pharmacy teams are better trained and can therefore provide better customer advice, adapted to the symptoms presented. These additional contributions to their initial knowledge base and regular coaching also make them more motivated and loyal to their pharmacy.

Omnichannel communication, management support tools, training dynamics: the range of services offered by Pharmacie Lafayette to its members is undoubtedly the most complete and efficient on the market. And pharmacists make no mistake, every year 35 to 40 people join the brand to take advantage of its expertise and develop their pharmacy.

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