Presidential 2022: The Highlights of the 2017 Emmanuel Macron-Marine Le Pen Debate

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will face each other in the second round of the presidential election on Sunday, April 24. (©L’Orne Hebdo)

five years later, same face to face† After a day of preparation on Tuesday, April 19, 2022, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will face each other on Wednesday, April 20, 2022 at 9 p.m. in a televised debate for the second round of the presidential election, to be held on Sunday.

After a very tight first round (28.5% of the vote for Emmanuel Macron and 23.6% of the vote for Marine Le Pen) and before a second round that promises to be just as exciting, this meeting presents TV big problems. For one as for the other.

Indeed, the presidential candidate must defend the results of his five-year term (often frowned upon), while Marine Le Pen has to fight not to repeat a failure during the 2017 debate.

What was the result of this first (stormy) showdown between the two candidates in the presidential campaign five years ago? booster shot dto be great moments to remember in 2017.

“They’re Everywhere”

That is The series who made the most rounds of the networks. By the end of two and a half hour that the debate lasted, Marine Le Pen tries to mock her opponent about the militants of the Front National [rebaptisé Rassemblement national en 2018, ndlr]of which she is chairman.

While Emmanuel Macron denies despising the voters of Marine Le Pen, the latter unleashes a rather surprising diatribe, accompanied by gestures: “It’s not them you were aiming for when you said look, they are there, in the countryside, in the cities… They are on social media. †

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At the end of the debate, a gif (an animated image) was already doing the rounds on the internet.

Emmanuel Macron’s Perlimpinpin Powder

Among the other moments that marked the minds of the Macron-Le Pen debate in 2017, the vocabulary of the former enarque (class of 2002-2004) or, more precisely, sometimes outdated expressions

The best known is the “perlimpinpin powder” mentioned by Emmanuel Macron when he criticizes the “security” and “fight against terrorism” of his rival. “Terrorism is the priority for the coming years,” admits the Republican candidate in March (LREM), but “closing the borders makes no sense. †

There are too many countries that are not part of Schengen and which have been affected in the same way as we are by attacks and terrorism. […] So what you are offering as usual is pimple powder.

Emmanuel Macron

During his first year at the Élysée, Emmanuel Macron will be best known for his handling of the French language, notes RTLfor example by supported links and words like ‘croquignolesque’ or ‘carabistouille’. †

Bloodbeat on the Whirlpool file

Especially in 2017, the tone is high between the two candidates about the Whirlpool factory, based in Amiens (Somme), was then threatened with closure to Poland. The unions had called for a strike because of the uncertain future of the 290 employees and the 250 temporary workers.

In the middle of the presidential campaign, three days after the first round, Emmanuel Macron had chosen to stop in Amiens to meet the union members. But, turn: Marine Le Pen provides a surprise by going upriver to the same spot to talk to the strikers. The first is disturbed, the second better received.

Also on television on May 3, 2017, the two candidates realized their bills. “Go take selfies like with Whirlpool employees,” Emmanuel Macron annoys as Marine Le Pen worries about a “unfair national competition” praised by his rival’s program.

When the National Rally president attacks him again on his past as economy minister and, even before that, as a Rothschild banker, Emmanuel Macron curtly retaliates: “While you were doing your number with the cameras, I was with the union. They have understood that you are not offering anything. †

I am infinitely more believable than you. I had victories, I had failures, but I fought. I’ve never done what you did: go and take advantage of people’s needs.

Emmanuel Macronpresidential candidate 2017

“In your society everything is for sale and everything is for sale”

Pensions, unemployment, purchasing power: the economy was central to this debate† Marine Le Pen suggested to… “to return the money to the French”by increasing ‘small pensions’, by reducing the first three income tax brackets or by exempting overtime from tax.

Emmanuel Macron, for his part, wants to temper: “If we don’t save money, it makes no sense to promise people that we will cut taxes. He also defends his pension reformone of the workhorses of his program, when Marine Le Pen wants to retire at 60 years old.

“As a socialist you are going to tell us it costs nothing, it is the state that pays,” the RN president attacks. She presents herself as “the candidate of purchasing power” [quand Emmanuel Macron] is the candidate for power to buy and split France. †

“In your society everything is for sale and everything is for sale”, including the “woman’s stomach”, she still claims, referring to management for others (GPA) that she is vehemently against… Like ‘Emmanuel Macron , he wants to be remind opponent.

Marine Le Pen confuses SFR and Alstom

It’s also a quack who will no doubt have contributed to Marine Le Pen’s failure in this debate: the accumulation of errors of the far-right candidate, lost in his fileswhen Emmanuel Macron makes a point of never looking at his own cheat sheets.

At the beginning of the face-to-face conversation, Marine Le Pen criticized him for not telling the truth about Vivendi’s sale of SFR to Patrick Drahi. The former economy minister says he never had a say in the deal because the sale took place before he took office in government.

The chairman of the RN takes her files to cite the candidate LREM. “January 2015, before the General Assembly, [vous dîtes] : I decided. Before Alstom, you said to Mr Dupont-Aignan: it’s not me. January 2015, before the General Assembly: I have made the decision to allow General Electric to enter Alstom,” she begins.

Emmanuel Macron fails to point this out to him confusion between SFR and Alstom† And the pin on his files: “You’re reading a file that doesn’t match the file you’re citing. It is sad for you because it shows your lack of preparation to our fellow citizens. †

We can go into the intimacy of the file, but you won’t last long if you mix them up. One makes telephones and the other has nothing to do with it, he makes both turbines and industrial equipment.

Emmanuel Macron

The allusion to Brigitte Macron

A kick that did not go unnoticed. As the first theme of the debate is launched (the economy), Marine Le Pen allows herself a small reference to Brigitte Macron, the candidate’s wifewhose gap of 25 years has caused a lot of talk.

“I see your student and teacher are trying to play with me, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s not really my thing,” she sends, recalling that Brigitte was first Emmanuel Macron’s French teacher.

The candidate’s pinched smile, who does not fall. But summarize from the first 20 minutes: “Your strategy is simply to tell a lot of lies. you offer nothing […]† †

It’s special, you never really answer questions, you always talk about the past and about others. That’s fine, the French will understand that you have nothing to offer.

Emmanuel Macron

Will Emmanuel Macron, five years later and a busy five-year run, distinguish himself from his opponent? Will Marine Le Pen learn from her mistakes and be able to defend the colors of the National Rally? Reaction Wednesday eveninglive on the TF1 channels and France 2but also on BFM TVpublic senate or LCP

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