The 11 Best Cooking Classes to Do in Lyon

Do you want to take a cooking class in Lyon? Discover the best workshops in the gastronomy capital!

In 1935, the culinary critic Curnonsky called the city of Lyon “capital of gastronomy”. It owes this title to its many restaurants, including the famous Lyonnais corks. Not forgetting the establishments of Paul Bocuse, the famous French chef who still characterizes the cuisine of Lyon today.

In other words, what could be more natural than cooking in the City of Light? In this article, Generation Voyage offers you a selection of the best cooking classes in Lyon. Praline brioche, Asian specialities, Latin cuisine, bread preparation… You’re sure to find what you’re looking for!

Pastry shop

1. Make your praline brioche

The pink praline brioche is an indispensable specialty of Lyon. With Guignol, the traboules or the quenelles, it is one of the unbeatable symbols of the city. Whether you’re Lyonnais by birth or at heart, learning how to make it is an enticing challenge. Why not start?

In Hana’s kitchen you will discover the art of the praline brioche. On the programme: discovery of the place and tools, choice of ingredients, kneading of the dough, molding and baking. In total you follow 3 hours of training for a price of 75 euros per person.

Of course at the end of the workshop you will have the chance to taste your creation… Or to take it home and give it as a present!

2. Discover the work of macaroon dough

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Macarons have a reputation for being difficult to make successful… We therefore like to leave the realization of them to the great pastry chefs. What if you go beyond this belief? Although it requires rigor, macaroon making is accessible to everyone! You can see it during this cooking class in Lyon on 75 euros per person.

It is still Hana welcoming you to the Pochat establishment. During the day 3 hours, she guides you through all the steps, from the preparation of the ganache to the composition of the meringue. You choose your flavors and leave with your box of macaroons.

3. Make your lemon meringue pie

Cooking Class in Lyon

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Are you still looking at the lemon meringue pie at the pastry shop? Then you will love this cooking class in Lyon! It will allow you to discover the universe of Françoise, who managed to combine the art of pastry and aromatology to invent unique and original desserts.

Pass through the doors of his lab to make a lemon meringue pie flavored with exotic verbena. An organic, original and subtle recipe, which you learn by 3 hours and for 55 euros per person.

International cuisine

4. Create your own pizza

Everyone has already started preparing a pizza… But do you really master the whole process? Making the dough, kneading, selection of ingredients, assembly, baking, etc. Each of these steps may be simple, but we all know the difference between a regular pizza and a pizza to die for. For 45 euros per person you can switch from one to the other!

Benefit from the expert advice of Aurélien and Margaux, passionate pizza bakers. Aurélien is of Neapolitan descent and has a pizzaiolo diploma. Both will teach you how to make an unforgettable pizza during this discovery of two o’clock

5. Learn to make authentic baos

A star of Chinese street food, the bao is also found in haute cuisine. This white and smooth brioche has a filling that can vary according to the chef’s taste. How about learning how to do it yourself?

Go to Ying’s kitchen to learn the art of bao for a period of 2 and a half hours† This cook learned the secrets of making baos from her grandmother. The workshop is led by Joseph, who will share his passion for Chinese cuisine with you. Count 65 euros per person.

6. Make your dumplings

Let’s stay in traditional Chinese cuisine with the discovery of jiaozi, dumplings that are very popular in China. During this cooking class in Lyon you will learn how to prepare the dough and the filling (based on meat or vegetables). But the real challenge lies in folding the ravioli! After your efforts you will be rewarded with a tasting. The workshop lasts 2 hours 30 and costs 65 euros per person.

It is Yu who will guide you in the realization of your jiaozis. This passionate chef opened the first Chinese street food restaurant in Lyon, the Bistro Zakka. He likes to embellish his workshops with small anecdotes about his experience and the dishes made. A real moment of sharing in perspective!

7. Make your own empanadas

Would you like to incorporate Latin cuisine into your daily life? The empanada is a very popular specialty in Spain and several Latin American countries. This little puff pastry wrap is endlessly available depending on the filling you choose.

Go to Hugo and Ricardo’s kitchen to learn how to cook it to perfection. The first is an emeritus specialist in Latin cuisine. The second is a student of the Paul Bocuse Institute who has worked (among others) in Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil and Ecuador. Perfect teachers for making juicy homemade empanadas! The hard training two o’clock and costs 45 euros per person.


8. Make your own chocolate bar

If Lyon is famous for its gastronomy, it also excels for the quality of its chocolate. That is why we recommend the workshop of Clara, artisan chocolatier. After telling you about the origins of chocolate and the journey of cocoa, she will guide you through the making of your own bar. It all takes 1 hour 30 and costs 48 euros per person.

Specialties come from Lyon, with, for example, the possibility of making a pink praline chocolate bar. But many flavors are available to you: pistachio, dark or white chocolate, mojito, speculoos… Clara’s workshop aims to modernize chocolate, and you will have the chance to see it during this workshop!

9. Make your jams and sorbets in jars

Looking for what to give to a home cooking enthusiast? This cooking class in Lyon gives first place to seasonal fruits: raspberry, mirabelle plum, peach, strawberry, blackcurrant, fig, lemon, cherry… 79 euros per person you learn to transform them into delicious jams and sorbets. But that is not everything !

Thomas, an artisan jam maker, is also a lover of the art of canning. It will help you put your creations under vacuum, and all you need to do is take them home to offer them…or taste them yourself. The workshop lasts 3 hours

10. Design your traditional baguette or your specialty bread

During childbirth, many of us started making homemade bread… The opportunity to tailor a bread, adapt the ingredients to our wishes and of course share a cozy moment with our loved ones ! What if you learned the art of bread making from a craftsman?

Push open the doors of Emmanuel’s bakery and learn all the stages of making a traditional baguette and a special bread (with seeds, fruits, etc.). During the day 3 hours, you benefit from the support and advice of the artisan baker. The workshop costs 80 euros per person.

11. Make your Japanese lollipops

To end this top of the best cooking classes in Lyon, here is a unique and original activity. During the day 1 hour 30 and for 45 euros per person Claire-Line teaches you how to make Japanese lollipops, called “ameizaku”. This talented pastry chef will guide you step by step to shape your creations.

Japanese lollipops can take the form of animals, flowers, characters. This is a great activity to do with a child. And of course you leave with your three creations that you can taste, offer or exhibit at home!

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