Alès: Cevenord pushes the walls of Bessege’s economy a little more

With an occupancy rate of 80%, the metallurgical site that was converted into a cheap rental house, acquired by Hervé and Nicole Fiselle, is to expand.

You start on Monday!” Faced with an entrepreneur Gaël Schmitt, eager to participate in professional life despite the pitfalls inherent in setting up a business, Hervé Fiselle has the answer. “We manage to rely on a simple contact. We have to return to the people and not just look at the business”, supports the new owner of the former metallurgical site of the city, located on the right bank of the Céze, opposite the village of Bessèges.

In an area whose reputation has been tarnished since the end of industrial activity, the two children of workers, Hervé le Ch’ti and Noëlle la Cévenole, have successfully invested in this inexpensive professional furniture rental project (about €2 per square meter). meters).

Creation of a floor, installation of a secure Wi-Fi network, photovoltaic roof, coworking space, the site continues its economic transformation

Founded in 2018, Cévenord and Conroc now house 27 companies, three quarters of which are start-ups, on an area of ​​8,000 and 2,000 m². Now cramped with an occupancy rate of 80%, the creation of a first level should make it possible to inflate the sails of Cévenord. And to further broaden the horizons of the economy of Bessèges.

“Not just starting a business is a big plus, continues Hervé Fisselle. Oafter now, in an economic view of Bessege, what works or what doesn’t. The city does not interest ‘business angels’ and the banks do not follow. So because we have the know-how and the money, we are developing this form of collaboration with project leaders by providing material, financial and advisory support.”

The site is rising from the ashes with new arrivals, the imminent commissioning of a secured Wi-Fi network, a coworking space and the waterproofing of the building’s roof to install solar panels.

The aim is to bring life back to Bessèges, raise the social level in a city that is starting to live again

“At the moment I am satisfied, continues the mayor of Bessèges, Bernard Portales, who modified the PLU to allow the creation of Cévenord. This allows VSEs to start at modest cost, which is good. Now I wish it would stay that way because it takes about five years to verify a company’s strength. Knowing that banks everywhere are careful, but you have to have a stronger kidney at home than elsewhere.”

“In Cévenord, someone who is willing is offered a contract within a week, says Eric Godard, responsible for communications. The aim is to bring life back to Bessèges, to raise the social level in a city that is coming back to life.”

Craftsman, leisure, sports, food…

Of the 27 hosted companies, Cévenord now has a low-cost food brand, discount CezeL’Antrepotea dance bar and club, the company TMCa design office in the field of building restructuring, the bricklayer Gael Schmittthe carpenter, companion of duty, Corentin Raffaut, Natural Woodwork working with local species or at the Conroc site, a sports hall So’sport, Corinne Philippesophrologist and Georgethe flea market.

Guillaume Raffali, entrepreneur of La vida locale.

“There is great potential”

Guillaume Raffali, entrepreneur of La vida locale, a fast food restaurant, is clear. “There is great potential here for those who want to do something. There is plenty to do and within ten years this city, which had up to 12,000 inhabitants, will be up and running again.” To do this, the reception in Cévenord two years ago was facilitated by the special listening of Hervé and Nicole Fisselle. “We immediately got along very well and if they could help us, for example by lending material, they did. What was also important was that we had free rein to develop the space. A carte blanche that allowed our imaginations to run wild.”

An imagination created with his hands by his other passion, blacksmithing, whose mastery is exposed in broad daylight with a handmade kitchen.

Guillaume Raffali, installed at the entrance to the Cévenord complex, says that he is “satisfied” with this life in Bessege, indicating that “with the installation of the recycling plant and the brewers of Casa’bières, we immediately saw that the dynamism here was.”

The local vida, 33, rue du Dr-Paul-Vermale, in Bessèges. Such an. 07 61 15 52 50. Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 6 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.
Gaël Schmitt, craft mason installed since April 1.

Gaël Schmitt, craft mason installed since April 1.

“Besseges has a future”

Installed on April 1, after seventeen years of experience with his father, Gaël Schmitt has taken off. Tempted by the low rents offered by Cévenord, the craftsman mason lists the advantages of settling in Bessèges: “After consulting Hervé, I made the decision to settle, even though it was not very difficult to convince me Rents are low, there is work for at least 18 months in Cevenord, we have been well received.”

The craftsman, who is originally from Peyremale, is involved in the heavy construction work within the structure and sees its geographical location as its other asset. “There are a lot of companies now and it’s important to get together.” Not to mention that visibility, in the heart of the city, is another advantage. A city that then makes the most of its handicap by accommodating entrepreneurs who flee large agglomerations because of too high rents.

“Besseges has a future, assures Gaël Schmitt. When you see the city like this, you can have doubts, but the people are coming back to the factories!” The entrepreneur plans to hire a secretary soon and has hired three employees. That’s five jobs created in a city of about 2,500 inhabitants. Far from negligible.

Gaëm Schmitt, bricklayer, 06 79 58 29 52.

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