Boost your spring 2022 look with the color block technique

On the eve of spring, we can’t wait to welcome nice weather and bright colors into our everyday lives. And this year we have even more reason to be impatient, because the upcoming season promises to be very interesting in terms of clothing style. Ready to discover one of the most important fashion trends of the year? We present you the color block and the best ideas to integrate it into your spring 2022 look!

Fall in love with the color block technique for a spring 2022 look that’s totally on-trend

Before we start exploring the best ways to succumb to this flamboyant trend, we must of course know its characteristic features. In a few words, it’s a combination of 2 to 3 (sometimes even more!) flashy (and often opposing) colors in an outfit. The result is a fascinating and vitaminized vision.

An explosion of vibrant colors in a thousand and one successful combinations

spring fashion 2022 high waist green pants yellow jacket

The benefits of this spring summer 2022 trend

The colorblock trend fascinates us with its many advantages. We share with you the two main virtues that appeal to women of all ages and that adapt to any style of clothing.

A great fashion tip for all ages, styles and body types

how to dress in a spring blue plaid skirt shirt

Say goodbye to monotonous outfits

First of all, it is undoubtedly the ability to give our days a fresh and vitaminized note through a jovial and colorful outfit. Are you tired of these monotonous, naked and devoid of originality looks that have been around for a long time since the start of the pandemic?

No more boring and monotonous outfits!

chic outfit woman long green coat red jogging black sweater

Ideal solution to rejuvenate your look

The bright color scheme presents itself as an excellent way to flatter your figure no matter your age. The color block is indeed a perfect solution for ladies aged 40 (and older!) as it has the power to rejuvenate the look.

Rejuvenate your look with a color block outfit

color block trend dress spring 2022 yellow fuschia pink coat

Tips for a successful colorblock style outfit

Normally there are no strict rules for creating your color block outfit. However, you can take advantage of some simple tricks to get the most out of it. There they are !

Adapt the trend to your own clothing style

shoes heels jeans fashion outfit color block red pink vest

Dark colors to hide flaws

If you don’t like a certain part of your body, simply opt for a dark color garment (such as purple or navy) to camouflage it.

Choose a bright color in a dark version to camouflage the body parts you don’t like

Long Blue And Red Color Block Coat Spring Outfit For Women 2022

Stripes for a lengthening effect

Clothes with vertical stripes, in turn, are an ideal ally to elongate your body. For example, you can integrate a long cardigan with a color block design into your day outfit consisting of a few bright shades. For a better result, we recommend using the same colors as on the patterned garment to create a harmonious and stylish look.

Put on a fashion piece with striped patterns to elongate your body

celebrity fashion yellow and blue color block spring outfit for women

Women’s Clothing Style 2022: 4 Successful Color Block Outfit Ideas

Outfit based on complementary colors

In a previous article we already talked about colors that go together. Thus, we understood that the combination of two complementary colors (which are opposite on the color wheel) is a fantastic way to provide a fascinating look. This is the first option for creating an elegant and ultra chic color block outfit. Among the various successful combinations, we will mention the most popular, namely: yellow and purple, orange and blue, green and red, pink and green, etc. On the other hand, to enjoy an impressive effect, you do not have to choose the most flashy hue of the chosen colors.

Color Block Version #1 – Combine Opposing Colors

women's fashion 2022 outfit in pink and green pink handbag

Outfit with similar colors

As with opposite colors, we again use the color wheel to create an outfit based on analogous colors. This time we take two colors that are next to each other. In this case, the possible combos are: yellow and orange, red and orange, blue and green, yellow and green. While this variation of color blocking is still appropriate enough to show off a captivating look, it turns out to be more elegant and less daring because the colors used are more similar and less contrasting.

Color Block Idea No. 2 – Combine Similar Colors

trend color 2022 clothing j lo dress style navy blue pants

Color block look with neutral accents

If the idea of ​​daring a total look in vibrant colors doesn’t appeal to you, then a third alternative presents itself. It’s just a matter of adding a neutral note to your outfit by combining two bright colors with a more elegant and discreet shade such as beige or white for example. Let’s look at some examples of how to complete this challenge.

Color block outfit option #3 – add neutrals to her spring look

trend outfit woman green sweatshirt hood red knee skirt

  • Add accents in white or black to an outfit in blue and brown for a sophisticated look.
  • If the outfit is more daring (in red and pink for example), nothing is more appropriate than adding a piece in your nude to balance the look and thus enjoy a chic, elegant and feminine vision.
  • By the way, denim can also be considered a neutral element! So just put on your favorite sweater in a flashy color (like yellow), then go for accessories (glasses, handbag, shoes, jewelry, beret, etc.) in the complementary color (for yellow, it’s red) and complete her outfit with a balancing touch in the shape of jeans
  • Combine geometric patterned pieces in beige with bold pastels like this pretty coat and the long pleated skirt pictured below.

Playing with opposite colors but in a pastel version is also a great alternative

color block pastel colors chic outfit woman beige sweater

blue green blazer spring look 2022 yellow pants trendy accessories

Ultra chic spring outfit in color block – purple and yellow

trendy pastel purple blouse ladies outfit mustard pants

color spring 2022 skinny jeans neon yellow shoes

look spring 2022 yellow color block dress blue jacket

spring fashion 2022 woman fuchsia pink blouse turquoise skirt

high waist yellow pants women dress style 2022

spring color red pants white sneakers pink jacket

v-neck color block dress fashion outfit red boots

trend spring summer 2022 crop top set and pink sandals skirt

women spring outfit 2022 pink sweater with animal pattern pouch

spring outfit woman pink blouse liquid red skirt fuschia shoes

beyonce style denim shorts trend spring summer 2022 color block top

Zendaya shows us how to adopt the color block perfectly now!

trend spring summer 2022 color block jacket woman zendaya style

spring dress 2022 pink fuschia dress long orange coat

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