Inéa Conseil – Combining fun with learning

Specialized in improving collective and individual performance, Inéa Conseil, a training organization, aims to help companies sell more and better and managers to better mobilize their employees. For this, the training organization calls on passionate speakers with extensive experience in the business world. Update with Olivier Jacob, founder of Inéa Conseil.

What prompted the launch of Inéa Conseil?

Having worked in consulting and team management for many years, as well as large account sales, I realized that regardless of the project or the company vision, if the employees don’t adhere and don’t have the required skills, it won’t work. It was on the basis of this observation that I founded Inéa Conseil in 2008.

The health crisis has been a driving force for uswe were ready, we had the expertise. With incarceration, people had time and took the opportunity to train at home or improve their knowledge. And thanks to the state, they were able to access high-level education through France Skills, which also led to recognized certification.

Do you think innovation is very important?

It’s essential! With a deep cinematic culture, I began to rely on film clips to make training fun.

The angle of creation is very useful and appreciated to raise awareness, it helps to anchor knowledge. More recently, I even organized a conference on France Télévisions called “Le manager fait son cinéma”. And I also maintain a Ciné blog.

In 2010 I integrated coaching into the system. Simply because the people who come to train want to find solutions to their problems. This is what allows them to reveal their potential.

In 2011, we created a “Mon coach and management” app, an innovation at the time and still in the App Store today. And we have made many videos to extend e-learning.

Who are your customers?

In general, large groups such as Mercedes, PwC and the Accor group come to us for their employees. And then, with the personal training account, we have extended to individuals from all sectors who want to learn their management skills, their self-confidence, how to deal with their emotions…

For two years, individuals have been able to benefit from our training courses with the personal training account, which are aimed at all people who want to improve their skills, in particular skills complementary to their job, both in management and in sales. We also offer several more specific areas such as security, recruiting, however related to working with others and developing business.

Your workouts adapt to structural changes

We try to have very sharp current programs that match new professions and everyone’s wishes. Thus, the health crisis has changed the situation. Many people in the hospitality industry have reached out to us to gain recognized skills, especially in commercial management, to switch fields. But we also have courses that focus on digital, a booming sector.

Our certification “building relationships and selling in-store with digital technology” has been praised by people who want to create their own jewelry or perfume e-shop, for example. Some managers need to master digital tools better, for them we have developed a program called the digital manager.

We also have a course on cybersecurity risks, it is a topic related to current events.

Every year we challenge ourselves and design between 3 and 5 running programs.

What is the Inéa Conseil method?

Inéa means innovate – entrepreneurship – support

Entrepreneurship is action. Guiding is helping people to appropriate and innovate, it is access to the most innovative teaching methods possible. Hence film, application and blending learning. The idea is to associate fun with learning.

If I characterize it, I would say that it is a very participative, action-oriented method, based on role-playing, scenarios, sometimes even real cases that need to be solved collectively. Together we will identify the solutions that each participant can apply in their work, in the field.

Because we work with large companies, we help build internationally proven methods.

Most employees benefit from a CPF, but usually don’t know how to find the right training, can you give us some advice?

The difficulty is to find the training that matches your project and a serious provider. The first piece of advice is to check if the courses he offers lead to a certification that he is allowed to use, or better yet, that he possesses (like us), by going to the France Skills website. Do not hesitate to contact the organization by phone to present your project and ensure that the courses offered meet expectations. Training takes time and commitment, so the organization needs to know the field well, which is the case with us as our trainees are always guided by expert coaches.

Final advice, show interest in labels. We have signed the Skill Players Charter. It promotes the development of a quality offering at the CPF and encourages better access to skills development.

You are working on new formations, what are they?

Inéa Conseil is part of France’s influence with the Olympics in 2024 and the Rugby World Cup in 2023. For these events, we have submitted a certification on the French welcome, for which we already have agreements with the Paris Tourism Committee, OPCOs, and business schools to subsidize a pilot. Our goal is to develop this training more broadly.

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