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Lagardère Travel Retail France is renewing its training program with “TOKNOW”, a digital e-learning ecosystem. The platform, created in collaboration with the company 360learning, has more than 2,400 modules!

TOKNOW, training for everyone “where and when” you want!

In 2021, despite the crisis, Lagardère Travel Retail France wanted to review its approach to training, both by positioning itself on our new digital tools and by proposing a real campus ready to respond to the diversity of its professions and its environments. Lagardère Travel Retail France is one of the leaders in the retail sector in transport areas, offering shops and services in the Travel Essentials segments, in particular the essential brand RELAY, in Foodservice with its numerous catering establishments and in Duty Free & Fashion. stores with strong brands. Training is a major challenge for the group, both for the operational teams in the field and for the teams at headquarters. With ToKnow you can design your own content, adapted to everyone, combining face-to-face and distance learning, virtual classes or webinars! It is a collaboration platform and a mobile application, which makes it possible to create a “Blended Learning ATAWAD”, in other words, a blended learning approach”anytime, anywhere, on any device”.

Launched last May in partnership with 360learning, the platform now has nearly 4,000 profiles, with a desire to exceed 5,000 by the end of the year! †Today we have registered 22 authors on the platform, the idea is to integrate employees into the training process” says Valérie Cyprien, Training Director – Lagardère Travel Retail France

“We have a rounded module rate equal to +70%, which shows that these courses meet the expectations of employees” says Valérie Cyprien, Training Director – Lagardère Travel Retail France


In order to allow employees to be as close as possible to the values ​​of each partner brand of Lagardère Tavel Retail France, the latter are invited to create personalized modules.

Drunk Elephant, a new emerging brand of the Shiseido Group, is launched for the first time in Travel Retail at Charles-de-Gaulle Airport in Paris. In the current context, it seemed essential to us to opt for a training strategy focused on digital. That is why we have developed a specific module for the TOKNOW e-learning platform, to make as many sales advisors as possible aware of these new products. Coupled with a personal training, the consultants were able to discover the philosophy, the bestsellers but also a specific concept for this brand: the Smoothie. Accessible on this fun and educational platform until the end of November, this module will allow them to supplement their knowledge of the brand, but also validate it through a quiz.” says Ludivine Martin, Retail Excellence Manager – Shiseido Group

“This training module allows us to keep in touch with the beauty consultants and to support the teams in the field by giving them motivation, energy and fun in this sometimes difficult period.Alexandra Moissidou, Education Director – Travel Retail EMEA – CLARINS


Lagardère Travel Retail France is the French entity of Lagardère Travel Retail, one of the two divisions of the Lagardère Group, the world leader in the Travel Retail industry. Global operator present in more than 39 countries, in Travel Essentials, Catering and Duty Free & Fashion, the group is mainly located in stations, airports and tourist locations. Lagardère Travel Retail has a unique and global approach aimed at providing travelers with an unforgettable shopping experience and being the preferred partner of licensors and brands. Lagardère Travel Retail will realize a turnover of 2.3 billion euros in 2020 (100% managed).

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