Street Bangkok, 1,200 m² of laboratory space and a new cooking school serving the franchise

Opened in Ivry-sur-Seine since October last year, the culinary laboratory has been set up by Norman Kolton, founder of Street Bangkok, the cornerstone of a system reorganized around operational excellence. A new model where production and shipping kitchen have been disconnected to better serve omnichannel flows for both restaurants and future network franchisees. Armed arm of future development, a training school has just opened.

He dreamed of his modern central kitchen, big enough to support an ambitious development. It has been operational in the Paris region of Ivry-sur-Seine since last fall with its training school having just opened its doors. Almost 1,200 m² of production laboratory, offices, R&D and training center where almost thirty people work for a close-knit organisation. Because for Norman Kolton, founder of the Street Bangkok chain, of its 6 restaurants and 2 dark kitchens (€11.9 million turnover in 2021), the company has undergone a real revolution, reinforced by the crisis and the rise of delivery . And today it is controlled quality, operational excellence, speed of execution and precision, as well as process regularity and agility that will be the keys to the successful networks of the future, where the order flow will be increasingly omnichannel. In 2020, the network, which doubled in size before welcoming the Motefiore investment fund in 2021, was already undertaking a real transformation of its model in 3.0 mode around 3 major brands: Fry Temple, Thaï Market and Roast Club.

“Relying on a culinary lab means being able to grow without compromising on the quality and accuracy of all our recipes in our restaurants and with our future partners,” Norman Kolton.

Homemade marinades and sauces

The separation of powers, as Norman advocates, consists in removing all the tasks of setting up, preparing marinades, stocks, sauces and other primary operations from the restaurants to leaving the restaurants on site for optimal assembly and dispatch of the kitchen. For example, in Ivry most preparations are centralized (except for cutting fresh vegetables, which is done every day in the restaurants). † In total we have almost 56 recipe references for marinated meats and sauces prepared with fresh products, vacuum packed with a best before date of 15 to 60 days for certain sauces. Norman explains. And each bag is stamped, decorated with a QR code and stored before entering a logistics process capable of supplying existing and future restaurants on a daily basis.

A fully equipped training center and 3 new restaurants in 2022

As Street Bangkok’s ambitions are aimed at developing branches as well as franchises, the group has also set up a real culinary training center, equipped with the same equipment as in restaurants. “Through a 3-week training course – 2 weeks in the center and 1 week in a restaurant – the aim is to induct our future chefs on-site immediately upon entry into service so that they are efficient and operational. †† This training kitchen has also been an operational production center for the past few days to promote the brand in deliveries to Ivry, Vitry and Charenton.

street bangkok

For now, Street Bangkok, which has just launched a range of fried fish, at the Fry Temple on rue Poissonnière, including a fish burger and thinking about vegetarian recipes, is only finishing its next openings. The first is planned in Levallois-Perret in June in a dual-brand format: Fry Temple/Thaï Market, before a large three-headed 400sqm flagship is planned for September in Alesia, which will combine Fry Temple, Thaï Market and Roast Club. Finally, a new address is planned for Château de Vincennes before the end of the year. Meanwhile, the franchise bible, which is currently being finalized, will also make it possible to start from the beginning of the school year the search for partners who want to deploy single- or multi-brand locations, which can develop between 1.4 and 2.1 M € turnover . The idea, Norman Kolton explains, is to aim for 50 addresses in 5 years.

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