“the socialists de facto accept the slavery that Mélenchon proposes”

Working together to survive? Meeting in the National Council on Tuesday evening, the Socialist Party (PS) voted by a majority for a ” collecting all leftists and environmentalists including France Insoumise (LFI), ahead of the parliamentary elections. the PS” can engage in joint battles with Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the National Assembly Estimated the First Secretary Olivier Faure. The senator from Val-d’Oise criticizes Marianne the political line determined on Tuesday evening.

Marianne: The PS voted for a rally of the left for the parliamentary elections, including with the insurgents. Why did you resist it?

Rachid Temal: Let’s be clear: everyone agrees on the rally of the left with the radicals, the ecologists and the communists. Yesterday’s question was whether there should be an alliance with LFI. However, Jean-Luc Mélenchon doesn’t want to win, he just wants to dominate the left. I have fundamental disagreements with him.

That ?

About his conception of what French society is, in particular what democracy and the Republic are. But also about the European issue, international relations, defense and the concept of the economy itself. He also has a rather Jupiterian vision, in a logic of personal power. I don’t believe that Jupiterism is good, be it right or left. Finally, it is a candidate who explains to you that he establishes a point of equality between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron.

Still, he clearly stated that “no vote” should go to Marine Le Pen.

At a historic moment when the far right can seize power, we must rise to the level of history. And to reach the level of history is to say that the only way to beat Marine Le Pen is to put the Emmanuel Macron ballot in the ballot box. When the essential is at stake, there can be no diversions. This was already the case in 2017.

“François Mitterrand had first built and consolidated a party before making an agreement with the communists. †

In your speech to the National Council yesterday evening, you also criticized the fact that, in your opinion, the management of the PS does not hear what Jean-Luc Mélenchon is saying about a possible alliance.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon indicates that the program he will apply if he is elected prime minister is that of LFI. It’s not a coalition, it’s asking for surrender. Jean-Luc Mélenchon says ” you will all be at my service “. I don’t believe he has the capacity to rule this country.

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And remember the words of the chairman of the LFI group to the Assembly this Sunday in theJDD [qui fermait la porte à un accord avec le PS, N.D.L.R.]† I don’t understand the tactics of the current management. Contrary to what those making the comparison say, François Mitterrand had first built and consolidated a party before making an agreement with the communists. There we accept de facto slavery proposed by Jean-Luc Mélenchon. If the socialists decided to join this ideological axis, it would be a stream of thought that has been lying fallow for 120 years. The ideas we bring are more useful to the French.

Isn’t this the only way to save the socialist group in the National Assembly?

When it comes to leaving a few deputies behind instead of the future of the country, that’s a choice.

But doesn’t Anne Hidalgo’s defeat in the presidential election show that your ideas are no longer what citizens aspire to?

I could believe what you are saying if there were no socialists in power in Europe, in Germany, in Spain. Socialist ideas evolve, our reactions should not be by compartment or electoral clientele. We must have a vision of France.

“We must resume the cultural struggle to promote our value system. †

For the presidential elections, the socialists have chosen Anne Hidalgo. I salute his campaign, his presence, his ideas, his way of campaigning. We’ll have to take stock at the end of the presidential streak, but today I don’t think it’s the time. There are specific reasons for our campaign and other external ones. What is clear is that none of the three leading candidates was a local elected official, marking a rift between national and local political life. No one had made the unit either. They were able to impose a vision of France. We must resume the cultural struggle to promote our value system.

Around which values ​​and which personalities should the PS rebuild itself?

The absolute priority is to ensure that all votes from the left go to Emmanuel Macron this Sunday. We should not think that anyone other than ourselves will do the work. If I vote for Emmanuel Macron, it is neither discharge nor support. Then you have to pass the parliamentary elections. We need to work on the five or six proposals that we will make over the course of five years.

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The third phase will come, that of reconstruction, but if we start to wonder who it should take place in, we have gone in the wrong direction. I think it is the conclusion and not the beginning. The question is whether in two or three years’ time we can say that we will just go to work, exchange with the French, understand what the major changes are in our society. We must develop a new vision to defend working-class and middle-class families. If we don’t, we’ll find other disasters on our way.

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