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Discover Academy E-Commerce Nation

Train yourself in e-commerce easily with Academy E-Commerce Nation

E-Commerce Nation, the 1er Web Media for e-commerce in France and Europe launches a 100% online video platform that allows entrepreneurs, retailers and e-commerce managers to optimize their sites and improve their profitability. Academy E-Commerce Nation aims to democratize learning in e-commerce by shaking up the codes of traditional training.

Players such as Adidas, Schneider Electric and Essity already trust us and we are constantly innovating to support other retail and e-commerce players with their projects. (Nicolas J. Chevalier, CEO of E-Commerce Nation)

This “Netflix of e-commerce” includes an extensive and interactive program of 30 hours of videos, spread over 4 seasons. The idea is to be able to learn in 1 click in a simple and immediate way, by watching 1 video per day of 10 min to acquire a new skill and understand good practices.

Video content available on the platform

You have access to 75 free or premium videos, led by experts from the E-Commerce Nation team: specialists in supporting entrepreneurs and e-commerce leaders in their strategic choices.

E-Commerce Nation offers a highly themed seasonal program:

  • Season 1: Defining Your Ecommerce and Strategy
  • Season 2: Managing Your Ecommerce
  • Season 3: Develop Your Ecommerce
  • Season 4: Optimizing Your Ecommerce Ecosystem

In a nod to Netflix, the Academy E-Commerce Nation platform associates a series with each of the proposed seasons: Breaking Bases (Breaking Bad), Stranger Funnel (Stranger Things), La Casa De La Acquisition (La Casa De Papel) and Game of Skills (Games of Thrones).

Other resources are also available: competitive benchmark, business plan model, KPI dashboard, natural reference research (SEO). A dedicated channel on Slack also allows you to ask questions and discuss with the ecommerce community.

Examples of video training about Academy E-Commerce Nation.

Discover the videos available on Academy E-Commerce Nation

Free access to 10 premium videos

E-Commerce Nation offers free access to 10 premium videos on the platform. The available videos include the following topics:

  • create a persona
  • start financially estimating your e-commerce project
  • define your acquisition strategy
  • delivery methods: which options to choose?
  • design your product sheet for better conversion
  • understand your purchase funnel
  • define your ecommerce dashboard
  • identify the cognitive biases that sell
  • identify the mechanics of natural references
  • organize your watch

To access the free videos, all you need to do is register on the platform by entering your email address. After registration you have access to 10 videos and 10 premium resources and to the community Slack.

An exceptional offer for the first 100 registered

For the first 100 registrants, Academy E-Commerce Nation offers a very interesting offer of €99 per month instead of €399 (for a 10-month commitment). It includes unlimited access to the 75 training videos for 10 months, to the premium PDF resources and to the private use of this exclusive offer. It also allows you to obtain a training certificate after watching the 75 videos that validate your acquired skills.

The 3 offers to train on the netflix of e-commerce.

Another offer is also available at the price of €199 per month for those who wish to participate in a non-binding offer. It includes the same services as the limited-time offer for €99 per month, except for the number of viewable videos as access is limited to 12 premium videos per month.

Specifically, the exclusive offer of €99 per month for the first 100 subscribers is really interesting if you want to develop a real e-commerce strategy through a complete and certifying training.

Discover Academy E-Commerce Nation

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