Do you have a gray kitchen but are you afraid of a dull look? Choose trendy colors! Here are 12 shades to instantly marry gray!

In the kitchen, gray is a safe bet. Sober and elegant, available in different shades, including anthracite, mouse or mother-of-pearl. But know that it is also possible to take on other colors than the overall look. Perfect for not getting bored!

Gray kitchen: which colors to combine?

Highlight the gray by combining other trendy colors† You can indeed mix this shade more with colors dynamic and spring-like, if sunny yellow, royal blue or even raspberry pink† It is also possible to mixer with the gray of shades pastel, if powder pink, anise green or even creamfor a elegantly and soberly made.

How do you warm up a gray kitchen?

Gray kitchens can sometimes be too much cold. Consider making a gray kitchen warmer: combine colors, but especially for take care of the lighting especially by choosing an atmosphere modest. Dare too carpet to bring some warmth into the room!

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