Workers at an Apple Store in New York want to join a union

Employees at the Apple Store in Manhattan’s Grand Central, one of the largest in the company, want to unite. A first for the apple brand that is part of a broad movement of American workers.

The best salaries and benefits for Apple Store employees

Earlier this year, the relevant Apple Store organizing committee, which at the time comprised about 10% of the store’s employees, voted to join the national Workers United union. The workers are now preparing to vote for or not for their union. † Grand Central is an extraordinary store with unique working conditions that necessitate a union to provide our team with the best possible standard of living in what has proved to be an extraordinary time with the Covid-19 pandemic and unique consumer-friendly price inflation the group says on its website.

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Through their unionization, Apple Store employees hope to receive more benefits, such as better tuition, more accessible vacations, and better retirement options. Above all, they want to increase their salary to a minimum of $30 an hour; currently, Apple Store employees can earn anywhere from $17 to more than $30 per hour, depending on their experience.

Employees say their pay should reflect their employer’s revenue, with Apple being the most valuable company in the world, with revenue of $366 billion in 2021. The union has 30% of the Grand Central’s 270 eligible employees. site to apply to the National Labor Relations Board, an important step before filing a union petition. The employees who formed the group declare:

” When [Apple] determines our compensation, the benefits we receive, the career plans we have access to and the safety of our workplace, we want to have a say. Working with a union gives us the legal right to be represented in all matters of employment, leave, benefits and benefits. These are the factors that determine the quality of our lives, our ability to build and raise healthy and happy families, and the trajectory of our movement in the world. These decisions determine to a large extent what we can become. They should be ours. They must be ours.”

Apple is discreet

We are blessed with great members of the retail team and really appreciate everything they bring to Apple. We are pleased to offer very strong benefits and benefits for full-time and part-time employees, including health care, tuition reimbursement, new parental leave, paid family leave, annual share grant and many other benefits an Apple spokesperson said.

As Engadget reports, some employees involved in the organizational effort say the Cupertino company engages in tactics of ” union dismantling in particular by spreading messages aimed at convincing workers that unionization is against their interests.

But in addition to the Grand Central store, at least three other Apple Stores are also in the early stages of their effort to form a union. As a reminder, Apple has 154,000 employees worldwide and 270 stores in the United States alone.

An Apple Store seen from the outside.

Employees of three other American Apple Stores want to unite. Photography: Emanuel Ekström / Unsplash

Many American workers are interested in unionization

Apple workers’ drive to unionize is part of a much larger movement across the Atlantic, initiated in particular by the Covid-19 pandemic and the extreme reliance on essential workers, who are often disadvantaged in terms of wages and benefits. The ensuing economic crisis affects these people directly. † Hourly workers across the country have found that employers will continue to ignore their workplace concerns if they don’t organize to speak out collectively. Workers United said in a statement.

Three weeks ago, employees at a New York warehouse for Amazon also made the decision to join a union, a move the e-commerce giant did not appreciate. In addition, more and more Starbucks employees are joining Workers United, the union that Apple employees want to join.

The tech sector is therefore no exception to the trend; Google employees also founded the company’s first-ever union, the Alphabet Workers Union, in early 2021.

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