all the flavors of Mauritius can now be discovered in Strasbourg

The sun is shining, summer is on everyone’s mind, it’s the perfect time to talk about a restaurant we had a taste for coming back to. His nickname? Sa Ki Bon. In this neighborhood restaurant with flamboyant decor, the chef prepares traditional Mauritian dishes and more widely popular dishes inspired by Indian Ocean gastronomy. We tell you more about this restaurant, its cuisine, its identity and its history, but also about the couple who, with passion and a certain desire to receive guests, make it like home.

We are on the side of Faubourg-de-Saverne, near the tram stop of the same name. In this surprisingly large restaurant with about forty place settings (formerly cabaret Le Papillon), the chef is Jérôme, and Claire, his wife, is in charge of the room and of the good atmosphere that prevails here. Since May last year, this Mauritian-Alsatian couple has taken over the property and renovated everything from floor to ceiling to offer typical dishes from a mix of African, Asian and Indian cultures† At home we find a mixture of all these cultural influences, such as in this piece of heavenly land called Mauritius. And inevitably this also explains the richness and diversity of what we find on the records.

A kitchen from the heart, a couple and a beautiful story

Jérôme was born in Mauritius, off the coast of Madagascar. Claire, she’s from Schiltigheim, a town where they got married. In 2011, the couple decided to move to the neighboring island of Réunion. Arriving there, the cuisine of his country, especially the mines (a kind of small noodles), Jérôme missed a lot, so he started making up his own recipes at home. Over the months and the dinners with friends, Jérôme made progress and little by little he started to enjoy the kitchen more and more. Then he started advertising himself on Facebook, nothing better for word of mouth. For a while, friends had been chatting with friends of friends and overnight customers queuing outside their homes.

It was now or never for Claire and her husband to open their own restaurant, and they did just that. In 2013, they opened their doors with immense pride, and the support of the media and an entire community. Today they and their children are back in Strasbourg and they have taken everything that made their former address so successful. Since then it has been successful: the regulars have earned their spurs and Jérôme is doing everything he always wanted to do, cooking that brings people together. He touches us a bit about it: “When you cook, you should do it with love and never for money. There’s something about cooking… I don’t know how to say it, it’s just in you. It’s hard to explain, but as for me, I’ve had it in my blood since I was little, I’ve always liked it. My mother always told me to cook, she thought it was strange that I was in the building and not in the kitchen. Today we’re talking about it, so she was right.

A popular Sino-Mauritian cuisine rich in many influences

With roots that are both Indian through her mother, Chinese through her father and also Mauritian, Jérôme takes great pleasure in proposing original, popular and tasty dishes that we are not used to in Strasbourg. However, all these dishes are great classics there, in the islands and areas of the Indian Ocean. Fried or steamed saomai, samosas, gato pima, crispy chicken, chouchou meatballs, curry chicken massala, briani, upside-down bowls, chicken or tuna vindaye, chicken kalia, beef rougail, mines (boiled or fried), fried rice, vegetable pickles, chatini , faratas and even sausage rougail: the chef has learned to simmer a large number of specialties, both authentic and full of flavors and spices. Everything, really everything is homemadewhether it’s pancakes, mines, samosas, steamed appetizers, chili sauce (add to your liking)… We are dealing with a true enthusiast who works to offer varied quality cuisine from the heart and it shows (just look at this smile).

The little ones and the big ones +

  • The menu is constantly changing depending on the products available and the mood of the chef, we can find all the dishes mentioned above
  • Claire has set up a nice grocery corner where you can find products from small producers such as fresh vanilla, rum, spices, syrups, coffee… The shop is full of nuggets
  • Before or after the meal there is a small seating area for a drink, comfortably seated
  • The terrace is a real pleasure on sunny days
  • There is a wide choice of drinks, juices and local beers
  • Note, spice does not mean chili. The dishes are not spicy, you can add your sauces and your pepper when it suits you
  • The decor is really original and it looks good, without falling into the clichés of the sofa and coconut trees
  • There is a nice selection of arranged rums available
  • Many dishes are vegetarian, variations are possible, ask for it
  • Claire loves to exchange, talk about her travels and her experiences, and it is always a pleasure to listen and to be received by a passionate and genuine hospitality.
  • The whole restaurant is accessible to people with reduced mobility, and the tram is a few steps away, a very nice +
  • In case you’re wondering: SA KI BON means exactly what you think
  • Everything is homemade, from the pasta to the spicy sauces available on the tables

Sa Ki Bono

40 Rue du Faubourg-de-Saverne
67000 Strasbourg
Open Monday and Tuesday from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm and Wednesday to Saturday from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm and from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
The restaurant’s website

*Supported but not rated by Sa Ki Bon

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