Amazon and Leboncoin, the most popular e-commerce sites in France

There are almost 42 million online shoppers in France. This is 80% of internet users aged 11 and older. This is evident from the Médiamétrie internet usage observatory. Amazon and Leboncoin top the most visited e-commerce sites in France, with 36.8 million and 26.8 million monthly visitors respectively.

Amazon and Leboncoin Top the Most Visited Ecommerce Sites

1 Internet user on 3 is an e-commerce buyer every week

The gesture of buying on the Internet is becoming more and more intensive. † Buyers are now 32% of internet users every week. This is 2 points more than in 2020” notes Xavier Lemuet, director of the ad’hoc pool and major investigations of Médiamétrie. The mobile telephone as a means of purchase is increasing. † Mobile as a purchasing medium, used by more than half of online shoppers he continues.

1 cyber shopper in 3 indicates to have ordered more online than before the health crisis

In addition, the research shows the emergence of new trends, such as the use of platforms that connect consumers with local businesses, which will now be used by more than 1 in 10 cyber shoppers by 2021. The health crisis has prompted the French to consume more on the Internet. Analyzes Marc Lolivier, general representative of Fevad. † 38% of online shoppers say they have ordered more online than before the start of the health crisis. And they almost unanimously agree that these new online shopping habits will continue after the crisis. he is pointing.

The second-hand market is on the rise. † The second hand on the internet now affects more than 80% of online buyers. They declare that they have already bought or sold a second-hand item on the Internet » he explains. “For some, checking whether the product is available second-hand has even become a reflex before buying a new product. he adds.

The security of e-commerce transactions is a concern for internet users

When shopping on the Internet, Internet users are concerned about security. Transaction security is a priority for 2 in 3 buyers (63%) and the protection of personal data for more than half (53%) of them. These two requirements are 5 points higher than in 2020. Expectations in the field of CSR, commitment to the environment and corporate social responsibility are gradually increasing and now mobilize 1 in 3 internet buyers (31%). In the same vein, made in France is a purchase criterion for 2 out of 3 online buyers (66%).

1 in 10 online shoppers have ordered more food products online

The Médiamétrie survey shows that despite the health crisis, 54% of online shoppers have not changed their online shopping behavior by 2021. In contrast, 38% say they order more online than before the start of the health crisis. In detail, 9% of online shoppers ordered more food products than in 2020. This is 24% who ordered more non-food products. Of the latter, almost half (48%) are making more online purchases. to take advantage of benefits not available in stores “. And they are 46% to order more online” to avoid sanitary restrictions in shops

On the internet we see the success of brands that also have physical points of sale, such as large food and specialty stores. Nearly 3 in 4 internet buyers (71%) choose this type of e-commerce site. But the Internet-only signs, for their part, draw 67% of buyers away. It should be noted that in 2021, 14% of online shoppers ordered from e-commerce sites with a short circuit, and 13% from local merchant sites, primarily “to support them”. Finally, on the delivery side, the use of ‘click & collect’ and drive services has also intensified, with 33% of online shoppers using them most often in 2021.

New online shopping habits will persist

What prospects for 2022? Of the online shoppers who ordered more products, food or non-food, via the internet in 2021, more than 90% say they will continue this habit in 2022. 1 in 2 cyber shoppers bought refurbished or second-hand products online in 2021; 80% of them did this “to save money” and 51% “to access branded products they couldn’t afford when new”.

Finally, Live Shopping, this new buying channel in video and interactive format that allows instant purchases, is not yet well known to the general public. If only 1 in 5 cyber shoppers (18%) have already heard of it and 1 in 10 (12%) have already participated in such an event, almost half (45%) find the concept interesting.

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