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The vaccination pass has been suspended since March 14, 2022. However, the presentation of a health card remains mandatory in certain places.

Ever since March 14, 2022the vaccination pass is no longer required, like wearing a mask indoors, except in public transport and institutions that welcome vulnerable people. Nevertheless, the presentation of a valid health card remains mandatory in health facilities† It consists of the presentation of health certificate: a full vaccination schedulea negative test within 24 hours True a positive RT-PCR or antigen test showing that you have recovered from Covid-19 less than 6 months old

Vaccination pass: which end date?

Following the Health Defense Council of Wednesday, March 3, 2022, the Prime Minister announced the suspension of some of the health restrictions during the month of March. Since March 14, 2022, the health pass is no longer mandatory in all the places it’s been asked since January 24, 2022† Moreover, wearing a mouth cap indoors is no longer mandatory† However, it remains mandatory in two situations:public transportinstitutions that welcome vulnerable people. The health pass has been lifted, but showing a valid health card remains mandatory entering health facilities.

Is the vaccination pass still required for travel by plane or train?

Since March 14, 2022the obligation to show a vaccination card is validly suspended on all interregional public transport. It’s possible to take the train or the plane without submitting a full vaccination pass. Anyway, Wearing a mask is mandatory in public transport including interregional trains and the plane. This suspension of health measures does not apply to flights abroad as they also depend on the health measures in force in the destination country.

Is the health card mandatory to go to the hospital?

The vaccination pass has been suspended in all places where it has been mandatory since then January 24, 2022† Anyway, the health pass remains mandatory in all health care facilities, including hospitals, retirement homes or facilities for the disabled. In addition, healthcare providers should always: provide proof of complete vaccination schedule

Will the vaccination pass remain compulsory at work?

Ever since January 24, 2022, only employees of establishments subject to the vaccination pass had to present the precious document to carry out their activity. Today is the vaccination pass deleted but health institutions remain subject to the health pass therefore, health care providers remain required to demonstrate a full vaccination schedule. This document, prepared as the fifth wave of the coronavirus epidemic flared up again, was abandoned on March 14.

What is the health protocol for schools?

Since March 14, 2022, sanitary measures for students will be completely suspended and school staff will no longer be required to wear masks. The students can also resume indoor contact sports. Anyway, the health protocol for contact cases remains the same: a self-test on D+2 and 7 days of isolation for positive results. For contact cases and the most vulnerable students, it is recommended to continue to wear the mask.

Leisure and cultural places: is the vaccination pass still mandatory?

The vaccination pass is also suspended in all leisure and cultural places where it was needed: leisure activities, restaurants and bars, trade fairs, seminars and trade shows, department stores and shopping centers. In addition, wearing a mouth cap is no longer mandatory in closed places with vaccination pass since February 28, 2022

The vaccination pass: what is it?

The vaccination pass is an official document that gave access to various places of January 24, 2022† It can take two forms:

  1. Vaccination certificate with all doses of vaccine against Covid-19
  2. The result of a positive RT-PCR or antigenic test showing that you have recovered from Covid

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