Football and aggressive behaviour: ‘Many parents are convinced that their child is the future Mbappé’

A few days ago, after one of his educators was verbally assaulted by a parent, AC Boulogne-Billancourt’s football department decided there would be no practice the following Wednesday. What problems do educators in Loiret face?

“To the fact that many parents are convinced that their child is the future Mbappé! So they put a very strong pressure on their child, also on his educatorespecially when things go wrong!
Basically, an educator makes three key points to explain what he is going to do and what he expects from children and parents: at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the season. But do they really? And who are we talking about: qualified, experienced educators (representing 60 of our 80 members), or supervising parents?

‘The stakes often take precedence over the game’

And the relationship with the referee: what do you see of its evolution?

“We must not hide: the competition of Centre-Val de Loire tightens its divisions. For the clubs, the path is increasingly difficult to reach the Regional. As a result, the bets often take precedence over the game.† It’s a concern, that’s for sure… What can we do, we the Educators’ Association, if we lose members; that the desire to be a close-knit family diminishes?

“We hear the names of birds that fly…”

Also in basketball, referees must be protected in Centre-Val de Loire

At the edge of the field there is also a lot of aggressiveness…

“We hear the names of birds that fly, profanity… In Malesherbes, for example, it is former players, children from here, who have grown up, who feel their wings grow. We try to consult with them; we take initiatives. But we fail to channel them; to sensitize them so that they adhere to a policy† On Monday, before the semifinals of the Loiret Cup, a gendarmerie brigade was in the stadium; drones for Exclusive research, it seems. It didn’t bother them…’

“Maybe the clubs will put the training on hold…”

Isn’t there a temptation to reproduce at a low level the excesses that Ligue 1 stadiums are increasingly faced with?

“Unfortunately, these images, everyone sees them. It’s very complicated. Maybe the clubs will come and do like the ACBB and put training on hold to solve the problems? Except from time to time with “Stop the Violence” banners, the Federation does not take any action

“Clubs don’t have guns”

Is dealing with tensions, even conflicts, part of educators’ training?

“We are the first in the animation of a session. But it is necessarily on the agenda. Today, an educator manages an entire event (what happens on the field and off); the referee, I repeat it very often. where three educators are needed, there is often only one. Same for leaders. The clubs are short of weapons and that is the biggest concern! Unfortunately, there must always be an issue that we need to look at as we are more in response than in action.”

Regional rugby wants violence out of the game

Interview by Pascal Bourgeais

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