How does SHEIN force you to consume more?

SHEIN has established itself in a few years as a reference brand in the world of fast fashion. The application even dethroned Amazon in terms of downloads in the United States. But how did a company that presented exclusively online manage to be so successful? decryption.

The health situation has changed our consumption habits, which are now more focused on digital platforms and websites. In the world of fashion and ready-to-wear, countless apps have sprung up to sell cheap clothes (Zaful, Shein, Romwe, Boohoo etc.). Chinese fashion applications are experiencing real enthusiasm from users, who appreciate prices significantly lower than competitors.

SHEIN is now the largest fashion company in the world and operates exclusively online. Breaking the codes, she managed to redefine fast fashion by cutting production time to just seven days and offering nearly 3,000 new styles every week. According to Coresight Research, the Chinese giant achieved estimated sales of $10 billion in 2020, a 250% increase year-over-year. Find out how SHEIN encourages you to consume constantly on its site.

SHEIN: items at unbeatable prices

SHEIN offers clothing models for as little as 4 euros or even accessories and jewelry for no more than one euro. You will also find copies of popular European brands, at an unbeatable price. If some dresses cost 60 euros at Zara, they are no more than 20 euros at SHEIN. This still means that you do not try the product in advance and have to wait for a very long delivery time (usually 14 days). In order not to discourage its customers from making a purchase, SHEIN encourages its buyers to give their opinion about the products, by rewarding them afterwards with points that are converted into discounts. The best advisors are the buyers.

The main reason SHEIN can afford to offer such low prices is because they are an online retailer, which helps to keep their overhead low. No branding is applied to the clothing, which also significantly reduces the price. Customers therefore feel that they are getting a good deal by buying at such low prices, which may eventually lead them to buy other items.

SHEIN offers an endless choice of styles

SHEIN manages its own supply chain, which is why the site is constantly coming up with new styles. 2000 new models appear every day. Thus, the fast-fashion giant caters to the style and needs of a very large number of people.

In addition to women’s clothing, SHEIN has expanded and developed a range for children, men and women. wavy (as stated on their site). The site also offers a “beauty” category where it sells makeup, beauty accessories and personal care, as well as a “home and pets” category where you can find accessories for your studio or toys for your pet, for example.

SHEIN applies a proximity strategy with influencers

SHEIN has established an affiliate program for content creators. They can register and earn commissions. The site allows all users to join this program, which greatly contributes to the growth and loyalty of its customers, since once registered, the person will certainly continue to make purchases on the site, while helping to promote the image of the site brand to try to win discounts.

In addition to its open commission strategy, SHEIN enters into paid partnerships with influencers and celebrities such as Madelaine Petsh. These partnerships allow the company to achieve new goals and gain credibility in the eyes of skeptical customers who still haven’t taken the step. Seeing their favorite celebrities promoting and wearing their items will most likely change their mind about the items on offer.

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