Julie Andrieu: the multi-hat host

Cooking shows, recipe books and even a magazine… Julie Andrieu is on all fronts. Discover the biography of the presenter of Les Carnets de Julie on France 3.

The face of Julie Andrieu is without a doubt one of the best known among lovers ofcooking shows. at the head of Julie’s notebooks on France 3the host is also known for his presentation Fork and backpack on France 5 and wrote more than thirty recipe books, with which Julie Andrieu makes cooking accessible to everyone. In April 2022, the journalist also released her first magazine, A crunch! with the group Turbulences Presse. She reveals a multitude of new recipes, as well as travel diaries she shares with her children and even some tips for avoiding disasters in the kitchen. Discover the biography of Julie Andrieuthe host with multiple hats!

What is Julie Andrieu’s background?

Julie Andrieu was born on February 27, 1974 in Paris. If cooking is sometimes apparent from a very young age, this was not the case for the host who explains to us that she was raised by a single mother and actress, who had little interest in the subject. “I think she voluntarily distanced herself from that because in her time – she was born in the 1930s – the kitchen was a symbol of the slavery of women, so it wasn’t really a part of my daily life. We ate a lot of industrial and frozen foods… But don’t worry, I had a happy childhood,” laughs Julie Andrieu.

At the age of 17, the young woman with a literary baccalaureate in hand left for several months alone to Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. She does photojournalism there and sells her photos to magazines Paris match and Shebefore I became a photographer for France Evening† There she met another photographer, Jean-Marie Périer, thirty-four years her senior, with whom she settled. The latter leads him to the cooking world. “I also started cooking to bring the people I loved together around me. I didn’t want to make frozen meals so I opened books, starting with Michel Guérard’s. I have redone all the recipes in the book step by step, I have learned empirically, at work, confirming my sincerity in cooking,” recalls Julie Andrieu. Later, the young woman published her first cookbook, 220 recipes for my Jules and my friendsand became a food critic for the Guide Lebey.

What are Julie Andrieu’s cooking shows?

If Julie Andrieu likes to write, the journalist soon turns to the television world. “Because I had an artistic background, I said to myself ‘why not try it’? There were already programs with, for example, Joël Robuchon and Maïté, but nothing in the field of home cooking† I then imagined a program concept called A whole dish which took me three years to sell, but was finally released on Téva in 2001.” Other programs followed, such as your table on RMC info, Julie around the world on Cuisine.tv, Fork and backpack on France 5 and kitchen side on France 3.

At the same time, Julie Andrieu also presented a weekly program, In the middle of the buffetabout Europe 1, a chronicle in the show C for you on France 5 and edited own production company† “I soon realized that if I wanted to control my ideas and have the right to speakI had to be producer. By setting up my company, I couldn’t just be a presenter and practice my profession in a different way, even though there is a greater financial risk,” explains Julie Andrieu. Finally, since 2012, the presenter has been a hit with her show Julie’s notebooks broadcast on Saturdays on France 3. “Because of all these concepts, I was able to discover the kitchen in all its facetswhether scientifically with Thierry Marx or under the prism of health, children, travel… The kitchen is a grid for reading the world!”

Where can I find Julie Andrieu’s cookbooks?

Since her beginning, Julie Andrieu has had more than thirty cookbooks† His credo: “A uninhibited cooking, adapted to the current lifestyle, debt relief.” Some books use the recipes from his shows, such as Julie cooks the world at home True Les Carnets de Julie / Julie cooks France… at home† Other books are written with four hands the size of the kitchen, like his work Sweet trust with Pierre Hermé or How to shine in the kitchen without knowing how to cook an egg with Michel Guérard. Julie Andrieu has also published some more specific works such as: Julie cooks to stay on the line True Julie cooks ahead† All these cookbooks are available on Julie Andrieu’s website, but also in traditional bookstores.

What is Julie Andrieu’s magazine?

In April 2022, Julie Andrieu started a new adventure by releasing her own album magazine, To crack!, with the group Turbulences Presse. The host reveals new recipes, travel diaries she shares with her children and gives readers advice to never make mistakes in the kitchen again.

What is Julie Andrieu’s Instagram?

on his Instagram page with 195,000 subscribers, @julieandrieu.officiel is always sharing more recipes with her subscribers, as well as photos of her encounters with the greatest French chefs, her travels and her favorite addresses. From time to time, the presenter also reveals a behind-the-scenes look at her shows.

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