LIFE 168 | STORY: Martial Kouablan, Director of PCP Express

The 168th issue of Life Magazine is available on newsstands and all common retail outlets. Find the story of talented entrepreneur Martial Kouablan in this issue featuring KS Bloom on the cover.

Martial Kouablan, Director of PCP Express tells us in this interview about his professional career and his expert structure in the delivery of parcels all over the world.

You are in charge of PCP express, an expert in parcel delivery in ECOWAS, France and internationally. Can you tell us about your professional background?

“Although I was brilliant in school, my living circumstances eventually led me to give up very early and start doing small jobs”

I am Kouablan Martial, born in June 1981 from a modest family. Although brilliant at school, life circumstances eventually forced me to give up very early and start with small trades. I really did all kinds of little crafts.

I don’t come from a transit company, nor did I receive any training in transportation and transit, but I’ve always had two convictions. The first is that life gives us back what we give it. In other words, I have always done my best in all my activities. The second is that my success would lie in entrepreneurship and that was my ultimate goal, to one day run my own business…

In 2010 I seized my first chance, my work was noticed by a person who offered to help me arrange the transport of his goods between Abidjan and Paris. I then, unknowingly, embarked on a great adventure. I started this activity by using the courtyard of my grandmother’s house in Port-Bouët as a warehouse. We started with two, then four. It was then that I understood that the dream I cherished, that of building my business, was becoming a reality.

From my grandmother’s garden I took a bedroom, from the bedroom I went to a shop, then an office… and one thing led to another, we now have four offices in Ivory Coast, and offices and representations in the sub-region, in Europe (France, Belgium, Turkey…), in North America (Canada, USA), in Asia and in the Middle East (Dubai…)

In this fairly competitive world of import-export in Côte d’Ivoire and everywhere else, what makes PCP Express, a company you’ve run for years, special?

The answer to this question is directly related to my background. Because the trials and stages that I have gone through give me a different perspective on the activity, it can only be gained through training or experience in a standard transport company.

“Knowing the field and seeking efficiency before that of profit, PCP Express is pragmatism.”

PCP Express is close to its customers. Knowledge of the trade and the search for efficiency over profit, PCP Express is pragmatism. We are one of the only ones who have been able to continue our activities during the health crisis. And I can say that we are the company that has agreed to help its competitors continue their business by letting them take advantage of our opportunities.

Now tell us about the different services you offer to your customers?

In the field of import-export, we provide standard international transit services such as air and ocean freight, express courier transportation, service as an interface for online purchases on European e-commerce sites and Asian countries and business support.

“PCP Express is now more than a business. It’s a group. †

But it should be noted that PCP Express is more than a business today. It’s a group. We have decided to offer additional services through subsidiaries, always to make life easier for our customers.

Baggage delivery and packing is part of our standard transit package and is a service to our customers.

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