Nantes vineyard. In Montbert, not an Amazon warehouse but a business village

Elected officials of the territory of Grand Lieu Communauté and future residents visited the site with the promoter on Wednesday, April 6. ©HSM

Between now and the end of summer, the broom of the excavators that level and the machinery that meshes the imposing metal structure will give way to a large 4,500 m building2partly covered with photovoltaic panels.

The future business village will be located at the entrance of the Bayonne . business parkuntil Montbert (near Nantes, Loire-Atlantique)on the edge of departmental 137. 21 commercial cells are planned there – between 150 and 375 m2 – most of which have already found buyers.

“There will be craftsmen and services,” says Frédéric Boissinot, associate manager of the company Elysio Invest (the promoter).

Restaurant, bakery, hairdresser…

In particular, there will be a restauranta bakerya Barbera electriciana plumbera tilera design studioa shopfitting specialist… “18 cells have already been sold, so there are still 3 available (largest, editors note),” specifies the promoter. Despite the problems encountered by the public works sector today (possible difficulties in the supply of materials, rising prices, etc.), there will be no delay on site a priori:

The key word is anticipation and we do what it takes. There is no particular delay. The first companies will be able to establish themselves in the autumn as planned.

Future business village of Montbert
Visuals of the future business village in the Parc de la Bayonne, built on a plot of just under 12,000 m2. ©Elysio Invest

On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, elected officials from the area and prospective residents gathered on site for the traditional foundation stone ceremony. The chance for Jean-Jacques Mirallié, Mayor of Montbert and vice president of community of communes of Grand Lieu responsible for the development of industrial estates, to recall with humor that “Montbert is known internationally today”. Indeed, the city made headlines last year with the project to set up an Amazon logistics platform, right on the Bayonne business park. A project that is known strong opposition and which is now completely buried (the e-commerce giant indeed withdrew its building permit in February).

“Apart from what happened, it showed all the interest of the place and its positioning,” the . back President of the Grand Lieu Community, Johann Boblin† “I have to admit that we are inundated with requests to settle in the area, and in the Bayonne Park in particular. We are even selecting companies, so there is a lot of demand,” he assured. Like what, any publicity is good to take!

“Use less land”

Indeed, the establishment of companies is always economically interesting for a territory, hence the satisfaction of local elected officials, who also underline the importance of this type of project that rationalizes the space† “We are in a legislative context, which means that we will have to create less and less artificially, use less and less agricultural land to develop parks. And that forces us to rethink our business location software,” explains Johann Boblin.

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“The speed-to-market also shows that business villages meet the needs of craftsmen and small and medium-sized enterprises in the region,” concludes Jean-Jacques Mirallié. In addition, two others see the light of day on the Tournebride industrial estates in La Chevrolière (completion in June) and the Bos de Bignon.

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