Rhone Gard: Robert Fulconis, a passionate figure in the football family, has passed away

The sports freelancer of Midi Libre has also been committed to young people for thirty years.

Robert Fulconis is no more. This key figure in football in the Rhône Gard and sports freelancer from Free lunch died on Tuesday 19 April in the hospital of Pont-Saint-Esprit. He would be 79 years old. A wise observer and a fine analyst of football news, he was the expert commentator on the achievements of the Bagnols-Pont-Saint-Esprit football club.

He wrote for years Free lunch the sports chronicle of the flagship club of Gard Rhône, but also of other teams in the area. In the 2000s, we had created the “Sports Passion” section, which appeared on Thursdays and which he had faced while touring with the Gardo-Rhodanian sports personalities.

Relevant, reliable and loyal

He was an old friend sigh shocked, the president of the FCBP Gérard Védrine† We lose a very dear friend. He has always been very close to this club. Robert was a very good person. Another athlete to share his grief, Patrice Attard, president of the handball club, pays tribute to a football enthusiast. He had come to the hand and stepped into the game † He conveyed the life of the HBGR wonderfully well with a relevant sense of analysis and a bit of playfulness. He knew how to ask the right questions. He was also passionate about Bagnols.He really enjoyed talking about his city, its strengths and its problems, with a unique tone, sometimes reverberating that made all its charm.

Son of the deceased, Nicolas Fulconis also testifies to his father’s fascination with the king of sports: Papa had a rich community life when he was the leader of the football club Bagnols Jeunesse, based in Ancyse. He has been organizing tournaments for his club for a long time. In 1990 the merger took place between the UCB (Union Club Bagnolais) and Bagnols Jeunesse, from which the UCBJ was created. It was during this time that Robert Fulconis began collaborating for: Free lunch† He is the privileged witness of the historic merger between the UCBJ and the Independent of Pont-Saint-Esprit in 2001. He was reliable and extremely nicesummarizes Fred Gautier, who for ten years was responsible for the publication of the Gard Rhodanien.He has been so loyal and so dear to the newspaper…adds Jennifer Franco, of Bagnolaise and former agency assistant.† He had a fine pen and a constructive critical eye. I have enjoyed working with him for nine years. I learned a lot from him in sports.

A man of culture and spirit

It would of course be simplistic to only remember his sporting obligations from his life. Because in the eyes of many Bagnolaise families, Robert Fulconis will remain the librarian of the Gérard-Philipe high school and university from 1976 to 2003. Generations of students pranked him at the CDI. He was previously professor of natural sciences at Lézignan-Corbières and then at Bagnols. “He has always been in contact with young people, both in his professional and sports activities”, emphasizes his son. “He embodied a kind of oriental attitude of calm and relaxedRené Bernard recalls, a teacher who worked with him for a long time. He easily gave his point of view with a lot of humor. He was really nonviolent.”

Robert Fulconis, a man of culture, was fond of cinema. “He was in charge of the socio-educational home of the school. He made film trips with the students. He also took care of the video club. He was attached to conveying values ​​other than in a professorial way,” chases his son.

A native of Nice and a staunch supporter of the local club, OGCN – whom he saw 4-0 down at Costières in 2005, both happy as a kid in the press box and unhappy with his team’s elimination from the Cup de France – Robert was very attached to his heritage. In the changing rooms of the stadiums or in the offices of Free lunch, where his inimitable deep voice will resonate for a long time to come, he was nicknamed “Fulco”, “Bob” or “Phil Collins”, a sound close to Fulconis. Everyone loved him, our Robert.

His funeral will take place on Tuesday, April 26. A moment of reflection is possible at 2 pm when the body is lifted from the burial chamber of Coulorgues in Bagnols. A ceremony will be held in the Oranjecrematorium at 3.30 pm.

Cambodia, his second homeland

His other passion has a name, Cambodia, of which he married a subject. Robert Fulconis fell in love with this Asian country where he had worked as a teacher for two years. He married Sodasi in 1969. Their first child, Malika, was born in Phnom Penh in 1973.

In December, he often slipped away from his Rhone-Gard to travel to New Caledonia and Asia, where he found in-laws and relatives. He was the father of two children, Nicolas and Malika, and grandfather of three grandchildren. Robert Fulconis leaves the memory of a thoughtful husband and grandfather close to Esteban, Mathis and Largo. Nicolas Fulconis talks about going out with this father who always worked with his family.

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