18 fashion trends spring-summer 2022 to adopt

What shall we wear? And how ? fashion deciphers spring-summer 2022 fashion trends in photos. Between unexpected revivals and great wardrobe classics, next season’s wardrobe bets on authentic and playful fashion, modeled on the desires of the next world. Plays of brilliance and transparency, chromatic experiments, new volumes, a revised grand soiree and logomania… Spring-Summer 2022 redraws the contours of style, increasingly driven by a certain ecological awareness and new obligations. Style lesson in 18 trends spotted at Fashion Week in New York, London, Milan and Paris.

What are the fashion trends for spring-summer 2022?

micro skirt

XXS volumes, a maximum fashion quotient. The micro skirt steals the show from the traditional mini skirt and outlines a new look, somewhere between schoolgirl on acid and neo-BCBG.


On its way to dethrone the traditional shorts, the Bermuda is confirming its fashion status in pure luxury variations, cuts and a timeless chromatic palette.

gothic ball

Desire ? A great evening silhouette and a new definition of the party girl, between dramatic volumes and calibrated gothic details.


We love it for its bohemian charm and its “DIY” effects. Weaving shells, with sportswear or upcycled accents, crochet remains the ultimate summer trend.

power blower

Being self-sufficient, the blazer is worn next to the skin. The winning silhouette? The one where the waist is highlighted and the shoulders emphasized, for a conquering allure and a new kind of elegance.

Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello

Lace-up shoes

This single detail is enough to twist an entire silhouette. Here we string together their timeless fashions, not in an idea of ​​coercion but of freedom, creating a new silhouette, between cowgirl 2.0 and the revival of the 90s.

Minimal black and white

More than a trend, a safe bet. As a guarantee of chic, monochrome whites are proposed for the summer of 2022 in a sporty aesthetic and slightly oversized cuts.

apparent lingerie

It exceeds the trends of the season. Lingerie confirms its status as a fashion item in its own right, revealing itself through a pair of trousers or a skirt with a low waist. bold.

color block

Candy pink, tangerine, lavender blue… Or an optimistic chromatic splash that elevates the color block to the ultimate summer style exercise.

Cut out

A dominating 2.0 silhouette, with the catsuit and dresses remaining key pieces, adorned with draperies and graphic cutouts. All infused with a good dose of chic.

Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello


Back to the 00s! A trend hailed by Generation Z, the return of this criticized fashion decade is confirmed by a playful obsession: the butterfly print. Or how to appropriate the Y2K aesthetic, without forgetting the chic dimension.


A soft and optimistic color palette that gives our summer wardrobe a breath of fresh air. The only motto: follow the trend by opting for vaporous pieces as a second skin.

The sixties

A first-degree interpretation of the codes of this fashion decade. Ultimate proof, the return of the skirt suit, only in pop monochromes.

crystal clear

Shine bright: games of transparency and brilliance with a presumed sexyness for a summer of style and party.


A summer obsession, the bohemian aesthetic is portrayed according to new creative impulses, in sunny tones, couture or neo-artisan effects.

City swimming

A style lesson from the beach to the city. This summer we’ll take the drama out of our beachwear wardrobe with sports pieces, between technical shorts, psychedelic leggings and three-quarter trousers.


Shiny raincoat, mirror-shaped bust or large evening gown… Gone are the golden hues, silver is back, worn by a futuristic wardrobe with sci-fi accents.

small size

Started a few seasons ago, the low-waist trend confirms that the fashion offensive has abated against a wardrobe with boyish charm. Denim, cargo or neo-suit… A great way to relive the golden age of the 1990s.

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