A certifying training in web marketing for job seekers in Caen and Cherbourg

LaClick, the digital, IT and digital school of Aden Formations, offers a 12 month training to become a web marketing assistant. At the end of this course, students will achieve RNCP certification at bac+2 level. Mainly aimed at job seekers, this training will take place on the Caen and Cherbourg campuses. The goal: to develop global digital marketing skills and meet the expectations of the Normandy ecosystem.

Training adapted to the needs of companies to maximize their employability

The health crisis has accelerated the digital transformation of companies. In this context, the needs of SMEs for specialized digital profiles are important. In addition to integrating new technologies into their operations, the way companies communicate on the web has evolved, especially to reach customers and prospects. “This is where the web marketing assistant comes in, whose mission will be to assist the manager of the SME, the sales or marketing director, with operational marketing actions. He will therefore take all the levers of the online and offline communication and developing partnerships », deciphers Joël Nadal, marketing and communications manager at Aden Formations. For him, the web marketing assistant is a great asset for SMEs, he lays the foundation for an effective digital strategy.

In particular, to measure the sector’s employability, Aden Formations collaborates with Normandigital, a network of Normandy companies specializing in digital technology. “The particularity of our training is to align with the demands and needs of organizations, in this case the needs of the Normandy ecosystem”, specifies the marketing manager of the organization. In addition to the strong employability that job seekers will benefit from, the 12-month training is funded by the Normandy region.

Because the need is immediate, we offer a 1-year training. The short course is an asset for people in retraining, who do not necessarily want to follow long courses or already have certain skills. The training is intensive, but allows you to be operational quickly »

An overview of key marketing skills: web culture, SEO, social media, etc.

The Aden Formations web marketing assistant training is based on 8 modules:

  • Web and digital culture: learn to animate social networks and master web editing,
  • Online and digital marketing: study the basics of web marketing and SEO techniques,
  • Web creation and animation: gain control over DTP software (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator), promote the creative process, and understand web ergonomics,
  • Web and digital technology: understand integration techniques, web and mobile development and run a web project,
  • Marketing strategy : explore the fundamental, operational and strategic marketing triptych, understand the language of the sector,
  • Communication strategy : study of interpersonal and professional communication,
  • Administration and administration: provide knowledge of business operations, management of people and organizations, management, negotiation and customer relations, as well as marketing and multimedia law,
  • Tongue : upgrades are offered to help students achieve a professional level of English.

This training offers a wide range of skills that the learner can choose to deepen in accordance with their affinities. “The training teaches, for example, how to animate social networks or even the implementation of content on a website, explains Joel Nadal. from, but a company may also have video needs. In this case, the learner may undergo additional training for two or three days to develop a particular skill.† At the end of the course, students will be able to claim assistantship positions in the Internet, digital and marketing, as well as that of community manager. Because the digital industry is not compartmentalized, the prospects for a web marketing assistant are great. In this way he can develop his expertise in the field, specialize through short courses, but also grow into the position of communication officer.

Practical information: register for web marketing training

To follow this training, you must have an affinity with computers and the Internet.

It will happen :

  • In Caen, from September 22, 2021 to July 13, 2022
  • In Cherbourg, from November 15, 2021 to September 19, 2022

You can register up to one week before the start of the training. All you have to do is fill in an application file: once it has been validated, you’ll have a meeting with an advisor.

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