Black Friday has already started on the e-commerce site!

It’s time to get some great deals with the Amazon deals that get the ball rolling on Black Friday. Expect a flurry of promotions, each more appealing than the last, to celebrate the end of the year. Nothing prevents you from taking a look at the promotional offers organized by Amazon now. You may find the rare pearl, the favorite product that makes you want to slip it into your shopping cart. If you already have a specific idea in mind, that’s perfect, you can use the Amazon search bar to find the product you want. The promotions didn’t wait for Black Friday to kick off on Amazon, so take the opportunity to find exclusive nuggets at discounted prices. After all, it’s all about timing and if you start researching now, you’re sure to get the best price on many, many items.

Our selection of the best offers of the moment at Amazon

When is Black Friday on Amazon?

But before you think about saving money during Amazon Black Friday, you still need to know the date. Generally, the event kicks off with a Black Friday week, a week of special promotions that runs from Friday, November 20 through Thursday, November 25. This week ends in apotheosis with the arrival of Black Friday the following day, Friday 26 November. Very often Amazon extends the event until Sunday, then the now famous Cyber ​​​​Monday takes place on Monday, which mainly highlights high-tech and multimedia products and is always on sale. In short, more than a week of festivities awaits you on Amazon before and after Black Friday. On the discount side you don’t know where to go, there are so many options and choices. The beating heart of the event, the nerve center of course remains November 26. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of many great discounts before or after that date. Everything is done so that you can enjoy optimally by betting on popular and often expensive products. The opportunity is too good to pass up, so don’t wait until November 26 to visit Amazon’s pages and find your favorite products for this 2021 edition. Don’t waste time, the clock has already started on Amazon and promotions don not waiting. So, there’s nothing like allowing yourself to crack with sizable promotions from time to time.

Amazon Prime: The best time to take advantage of the service!

Black Friday is also the best time to take advantage of the Amazon Prime service. Right now, Amazon gives you a 30-day free trial to test the service. After the 30-day trial period, the service costs 49 euros per year, but this cost is quickly profitable as it gives access to multiple activities. Receive your items directly at home in a record time of one working day or have your groceries delivered by Monoprix the same day. Many items qualify for the express delivery offer with no minimum purchase and unlimited. No more waiting excessively long with impatience before you finally receive your long-awaited package. Find 2 million songs to listen to for free on your favorite media and take your music with you wherever you go. Access Prime Video for free and enjoy original and unreleased series and movies created by Amazon Original and many other well-known programs. With the Amazon Prime service you always have something to do, you can read unlimited books of different genres ranging from thrillers, adventure novels or rose water works. Choose a book of your choice from the catalog and read it immediately on the medium you want. So if you see eligible Amazon Prime products during Black Friday, you can get them delivered within one business day if you subscribe to the service.

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