[Dossier Black Friday] Retail & Ecommerce: How Do You Stand Up to Amazon?

Like every last quarter of the year, e-merchants and retailers are in the starting blocks. The highly anticipated Black Friday, a commercial event in the US that takes place a few weeks before Christmas, is now being exported around the world.

Integrate the codes of the highlight and provide impactful devices

As Amazon dominates online sales (19% of online spending in 2020), e-merchants and retailers are trying to use effective strategies to capture consumer attention and drive orders so they can sell their inventory. competition is exacerbated. Held on the 4th Friday of November every year, Black Friday kicks off Christmas shopping with a certain marketing approach: refined, targeted and powerful “push” communications, as well as aggressive pricing across various product categories, excluding food (electronics). . , Video Games, Fashion, Beauty, etc.) with the aim of reaching as many prospects as possible. Among the technologies players can rely on to stand out in the excitement of Black Friday, we find Adrenalead, a solution that allows the distribution of web push notification campaigns via the browser (conquest, loyalty, retargeting) and the performance throughout the campaign, by monitoring performance indicators (click and conversion rates).

The devices used to promote offers and brands play an important role in the success of these events: in-store campaigns, email marketing, omnichannel communication, preferred customer offers, sales events (e.g. live shopping offered by Carrefour Link on YouTube and Facebook with the offer of promotions and exclusive discounts during the live.

Data: Increasing consumer knowledge to deliver a unique experience

For retailers and e-merchants, the data collected about consumers is essential to send them targeted advertising campaigns and provide them with personalized offers and customer journeys. This data ranges from profile information, demographic data, life moments to transaction data that provide useful information (e.g., recency/frequency and value of previous purchases, affinities with a product, etc.) to not only anticipate consumer needs, but also to their loyalty by offering them relevant offers (supplementary product, other product in the range, etc.).

Nicolas Guarino, LiveRamp

“The marketing strategy for Black Friday or any other highlight is played out well before D-Day. Indeed, it is based on anticipation with the creation of relevant messages and the personalization of campaigns based on purchase history, as well as on the activation of the collected data” Nicolas Guarino, Head of Sales & Customer Success – LiveRamp

In addition, mastering the channels and communication used is also essential and depends not only on the actions taken in preparation for these sales, but on the marketing efforts made in recent months (red thread campaigns, collection and use of the data, building relationships with consumers, partnerships with data providers and sharing insights).

Thomas Rudelle, Carrefour Links

“Providing the right offers at the right prices, having a satisfying customer loyalty program, providing a quality customer experience (reception at a physical point of sale, without queuing, etc.) and demonstrating agility: these are essential elements to ensure the sustainability of the relationship between the customer and the brand”. Thomas Rudelle, Growth, Director and retail media evangelist – Carrefour Links

Take advantage of retail media and marketplaces

By making their advertising space available, retailers open up new opportunities for e-merchants to achieve their goals on their buying journey. This advertising framework may seem competitive, but it remains consistent and allows e-merchants to generate qualified traffic to drive them to conversion. In addition, the marketplaces that have recorded a growth in their business volume (81%) between Q4 2019 and 2020 are also a way for small merchants to gain more visibility for their products and thus additional opportunities to transform visitors.

Responsible consumption: a sustainable trend

Faced with growing consumer concerns about the effects of overconsumption on the environment, players need to rethink their manufacturing and marketing processes.

Aurore Goxe, Adrenalead

“Over-consumption, waste, pollution and global warming are topics of growing public and business concern. As movements such as Green Friday, slow fashion or slow delivery have emerged, retailers and e-merchants must gradually take an interest in these new practices in order to renew themselves in line with their customers’ expectations.” Aurore Goxe, Co-Founder – Adrenalead

File compiled by Stéphanie Silo

The theme of this file was discussed on November 26, 2021 during the webinar Topic of the Month during Ratecad Days. The replay and a summary of the main points of the webinar are available here.

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