Guillaume Gomez releases a new cookbook!

Gourmet recipes of fruits and vegetables from our areas

“Since I was a kid, I can’t even remember since when or why, I always wanted to be a chef.” Born on August 8, 1978 in Paris to parents of second-hand dealers, Guillaume Gomez did not grow up in a family with a passion for cooking. And yet from the age of 4 he disguises himself as a cook for the prom and already knows that he is going to work behind the stove. The young man quickly turned to an internshipParis School of Table Trades (EPMT), to obtain a hotel BEP.

He is 14 years old and knows almost nothing in the kitchen. He has no culture of French gastronomy. “The chance I had was to meet a really good apprenticeship boss who made me love this job other than learning recipes.” It is about Johny Benariacboss of ferryin the 12th arrondissement of Paris.

A few years later, in 1997, Guillaume Gomez had to do his military service. His then boss Jacques Le Divellecknows the head of the kitchens of the Elysée, Joel Normandyand succeeds in putting his protégé in the service of the President of the Republic, Jacques Chirac.

He discovers a unique universe. “We had no routine here because there were chefs from all walks of life, always exchanging recipes and techniques. It was as if I had done an internship in the largest houses in France”. This lesson worked for him. In 2004, when he was 25 years old, he received the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France† He is the youngest holder of this award, in the cooking category. This award motivates the entire brigade to participate in cooking competitions.

In 2010 he also took over the management of a restaurant, At home in Paris† For two years he is divided between his two workplaces. He announces the end of the adventure in 2012, to start another adventure: starting a family with his wife. That same year he received the title of Knight of the National Order of Merit, with these words from Nicolas Sarkozy : “You can’t imagine how much you count for the image of France.” The following year, he was appointed by the United Nations as Ambassador for the Promotion and Recognition of Protected Geographical Indications.

Guillaume Gomez © Cristiano Minichiello/VAG/SIPA

The year 2013 is also marked by a turning point. Guillaume Gomez succeeds Bernard Vaussion and becomes chef at the Elysée kitchen† Over the years he has cooked for Chirac, Sarkozy, Hollande and Macron. Wanting to bring together chefs working for the French Republic around the world, he founded and was president of the association “Chefs of the Republic“. From 2012, he launched a culinary challenge to reward a culinary professional every year, organizing numerous gastronomic weeks around the world to promote French cuisine.

For a good cause, he does not hesitate to invest personally and devote his time and his lungs to sporting events in support of children. He talks about his exploits on social networks, of which he is an avid user.

His Twitter account has more than 230,000 followers and 23,000 tweets. “I want to show that I have the opportunity to evolve in beautiful places, but that there is also work: getting up early and going to bed late. We cut ourselves, we burn ourselves, we smell like fish, we work like the friends go outside,” he explains to the Obs. Twitter is also a way to communicate publicly about various topics.

Guillaume Gomez decides with humor in the debate over chocolate or pain au chocolat, defends his president against a yellow vest breeder of Bresse poultry and expresses his dismay at the derogatory remarks of Minister Nicole Bricq in 2014.

In February 2021, Guillaume Gomez will leave the kitchens of the Elysée after 25 years of good and faithful service and become the personal representative of the President with the actors and networks of gastronomy and food.

Does Guillaume Gomez have a restaurant?

Each year, nearly 95,000 meals are served at the Elysée Palace, prepared by a team of 28 people. If the dishes favored by the heads of state remain a closely guarded secret, as does the salary of the brigade, Guillaume Gomez admits that he is never bored: “I don’t just do gala dinners, I sometimes make sandwiches too.”

The days of the eight dishes from the time of René Coty are over. Working in the highest institution of the state is like a collective catering between the canteen and the restaurant† “The range of products and activities that we will be doing is very rich and varied. The brigade is autonomous and versatile.” Since 2021, Guillaume Gomez no longer holds this position and travels through France and the world developing gastronomy and the conditions of food actors.

To make a dish, a cook must master dozens of techniques. This is not a chain track. This versatility can be felt in Guillaume Gomez’s kitchen. And this is also why his book is based on a “step by step” approach. Nearly 4,000 photos illustrate each step of the process. “Today we don’t stay at the table for six hours, we eat too less fat, less sweet, less rich† French techniques have been able to adapt to all these changes. It’s good to have a milestone book that takes that into account and can serve as a reference for the next ten years,” explains the chef.

The cuisine, for Guillaume Gomez, must be daring, conceived and challenged to achieve excellence. With his team he works with “beautiful products” and emphasizes the French terroir. “We have the feeling that we are working here for the prestige of France. We have the chance to live the history on a daily basis.” Indeed, in addition to a guest like the President of the Republic, the chef must come face to face with personalities from all over the world. “Like all my colleagues in the institutions, we are there to make people happy.”

Are there any iconic recipes?

If the recipes in the Elysée vary constantly, ranging from mini burger to the pastries the most refined, Guillaume Gomez shows a certain passion for a particular dish: the pie† This is definitely his favorite topic on social networks. And it is also one of the most popular specialties during the Christmas meal served in Niamey, Niger, in the presence of Emmanuel Macron and 700 soldiers of the Barkhane Force in December 2018.

Pie, foie gras and roast poultry with morels melted with pleasure from all participants of the meal. But the chef also knows how to cook with few resources. On the occasion of the Gastronomy Festival, he prepared a gastronomic recipe for less than five euros: a supreme of poultry, black olive tapenade and sesame crust.

What are Guillaume Gomez’s books?

Despite a busy schedule, Guillaume Gomez had time to publish many cookbooks. In 2017 he notably published The chef’s notebook, an illustrated book with recipes that are easy to make, but also Cooking, step-by-step lessons, a reference book of French cuisine. In 2018 Guillaume Gomez applies the same principle with Cooking, step-by-step lessons for childrenbefore dedicating an entire book to fruits and vegetables in 2022.

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