our secrets for dealing with bad weather

Rainy weather can be a real clothing challenge for most of us. But not for the most creative and well-prepared fashionistas! Because they know bad weather doesn’t have to mean boring outfits. Indeed, with the help of a few fashion tips, it is possible to enjoy a chic, comfortable or sophisticated outfit even during gray and cloudy days. Need inspiration? Here are our secrets to a successful women’s rain outfit in no time!

Looking for the best tips for successful rainwear for women

Of course, to succeed in your rainwear you need some specific elements that will help you cope with the humidity without sacrificing any style. Here’s our list of must-have accessories and clothes that you absolutely must have in your wardrobe. It is, of course, up to you to choose the colors and designs that suit you best. Once you’ve got the full arsenal of must-haves, all you need to do is check out our cool suggestions on how to wear them properly.

What are the must-haves in her wardrobe during rainy days?

waxed yellow rain boots ladies black dress autumn rain look

Rainwear for women

One of the essential parts to face the rainy weather is the waterproof suit. There are plenty of options for finding the piece that best suits your clothing style. Let’s take a look at the most popular models:

  • raincoat with large pockets for everyday use;
  • waterproof jacket with hood to complete your sporty look;
  • waxed (usually yellow) to add a sunny note to your comfy look;
  • transparent and waterproof jacket that easily fits into different clothing styles;
  • rainwear model for women with an elegant and stylish design;
  • black leather jacket suitable for any occasion.

Choose one (or more!) waterproof, comfy and chic clothing

women dress style black pants red shoes umbrella jacket

Pair of waterproof shoes

And beware, we’re not talking about grandma’s old clogs here! Fortunately, nowadays people have the option to choose from a wide range of rain-resistant boots. Just choose the model that most naturally fits most of your outfits. This way you feel comfortable and stylish during the transition months. At this point, high boots are a trendy idea that goes well with jeans as well as with a stylish dress.

Equip yourself with a pair of elegant and practical shoes

rain shoes boots jeans dua lipa blue crop top outfit

Rain hat for women

One of the best alternatives to protect your hair from moisture is to add a rain hat to your look. On the design side, you have a lot of options. For a 100% glamorous look, clear PVC hats like the ones in the Chanel collection are a safe bet. If you prefer more classic models, a neutral hat made of rubberized or waxed cotton will also suffice.

Protect your haircut with a rain hat

ladies rainwear total look black red boots

Chic scarf to protect your hair

In addition to the umbrella and hats, the scarf is also a fantastic accessory to keep your hair dry when it rains outside. So if you see the slightest sign of bad weather, why not bring your favorite scarf with you? This one will add a chic and cozy note to your look. In addition, simply tie it around the hair to protect against moisture and frizz.

Or wrap a large scarf around her hair to keep the humidity at bay.

long plaid scarf with fringes autumn outfit for women 2021

Rainproof Carrying Bag

If you’re someone who likes to be well prepared for anything, then you probably enjoy having a ton of stuff with you. This is where the need for a waterproof bag arises. At this point, especially prefer models in sturdy canvas with zipper.

Stylish umbrella pattern

Undoubtedly, the umbrella is one of the must-have pieces to put on your list for rainy days. Yet you can still opt for a stylish model that will fit perfectly with the chosen outfit. In this way, transparent parasols remain the ideal option for an elegant and neutral look. On the other hand, umbrellas in bright colors are a suitable variant to spice up the monotonous look.

The little accessories that totally change the final look

white pants white and black striped blouse waxed yellow woman

How do you dress when it rains?

Here, of course, the answer depends on the occasion. Normally, one or more rain pieces can easily be incorporated into almost any outfit. If you need ideas on how to overcome the challenge of a flawless look, depending on your case, we’re sharing some alternatives to try this fall.

Zoom in on the most inspiring rainwear ideas

ladies rainwear umbrella autumn fashion accessories

Total black look

A true classic on the fashion catwalk, the all-black look is ideal for rainy days. Whether to stay as part of a simple outfit or stand out with a chic and confident look, black pieces are the perfect ally. Take the photo below as an example. The ultra-long waterproof jacket is elegantly paired with a pair of high-tops and a modern backpack for a look that’s both chic and comfortable.

Outfit in total black for every occasion

how to dress when it rains total black velvet boots look

Casual outfit with a sunny touch

The ripped jeans and white sneakers remain one of our favorite combinations for the transition months. With a white top we have the ideal outfit for walking in the city or in nature. Yet, in less beautiful weather, nothing is easier than to complete your outfit with a rain jacket. And if you want to add a colorful note to your look, the jacket can have a cheerful shade such as yellow, which is very trendy at the moment.

Comfortable clothes for a walk in the city

ripped jeans women's waterproof jacket white sneakers t-shirt

Casual Smart Display

Halfway between a casual look and an elegant outfit, the smart casual vision is the ideal compromise for days when you don’t want to go to the extreme. As a basis, we put on a hooded sweatshirt in gray and trousers in the same colour. To refine the look with an elegant touch, opt for a long, black raincoat. Heeled shoes will definitely increase the fashion value of our outfit. And the trendy glasses are just an added bonus!

Smart casual look that combines casual pieces with stylish elements

women raincoat green shoes heels gray sweatshirt hood

Elegant and feminine look

If you think the dress is a piece of clothing to be banned on rainy days, think twice! Because indeed, the bad weather doesn’t stop us from wearing the star piece of our wardrobe! All you need to do is protect it with a jacket adapted to the vagaries of the weather. The best alternative to this is the long and transparent coat, which on the other hand goes perfectly with a pair of transparent boots with heels. What to watch out for trends, even when the weather isn’t!

Stylish vision with clear coat

loose dress rainwear for women transparent jacket

Yellow raincoat to color your vision with a sunny and trendy note

yellow raincoat outfit for women black pants top plaid patterns

ladies raincoat trend black skinny pants white blouse

brown boots how to dress when it rains beige handbag

black hat windbreaker woman total black outfit boots knees

red shoes heels rainwear for women raincoat

shoes heels black shoulder bag women raincoat

white blouse brown tie rainwear for women black handbag

windbreaker woman clothes black jacket white blouse

sailor waxed sunglasses woman accessories bracelet white t-shirt

brown coat white boots how to dress when it rains

ladies waterproof parka yellow color pockets slim fit black pants

transparent rain poncho sunglasses boots with white frame

beige sweater trench coat red checks how to dress when it rains

beige trench coat ladies raincoat light ladies jeans

waterproof ladies jacket jeans coral blouse black pocket square

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