Focus on spring-summer 2022 fashion trends for women

The new year promises to be rich in colors and bold sartorial solutions. One then forgets the monotonous looks that have been robbed of originality. Among the spring-summer 2022 fashion trends, we must mention the vibrant hues (the color block on the pedestal!), the extravagant accents (fringes, laces, exposed lingerie) and the return of some important retro pieces such as the pleated skirt for example. Curious about what the fashion world has in store for us in the coming months? These are the star trends to follow!

What are the key trends for 2022?

High-waisted trousers and skirts have dominated our wardrobes for several years now. But the time for change has come. With the fashion craze of the 2000s, we can get a real low waist return

The xxs mini skirt

And while low-waisted pants are 100% a good idea to consider, the micro skirt stands out as the real star of the spring season. This makes it easy to integrate into a stylish outfit consisting of a perfectly coordinated top and blazer. Another very fashionable combo: the xxs mini skirt and the oversized sweater. All you have to do is add a pair of knee-high boots to this outfit, and you’ve got the magic formula for an outfit that’s totally on trend.

The micro skirt is making a comeback on the catwalk

mini skirt xxs look total black casual dress woman

Fringes and sequins: the most important elements in women’s fashion 2022

With restrictions easing and nightclubs reopening in February, the dictation of fringes and sequins seems perfectly justified as a major trend in 2022. Because we have the power to add a touch of glamor and movement to our looks, these two elements are welcome. only in our evening wear but also in our daily visions. Whether it’s a beautiful dance dress or a bohemian-style black jacket, the frills Settle for the most important elements that she should include in her chic look as soon as possible!

We say yes to fringes and sequins, with or without occasion!

shoes heels outfit white and black trend spring summer 2022 clothing fringes

Crochet: a summer trend of 2022

Ok, that’s good, we understand that micro skirts and crop tops will be at the top of the rankings. But what if you don’t feel comfortable in such a daring outfit? Put on a long crochet summer cardigan, of course! Several reasons for doing this:

  • Especially because the cardigan hides the exposed skin a bit and this in a very chic way.
  • Thereafter, the hook settles for the favorite elements in 2022, especially for this DIY, bohemian and original note that it adds to our outfits.
  • And finally, because the beach fashion invades our everyday outfits, even in urban areas!

In addition to the cardigan, any type of crochet accessory or piece of clothing is suitable to refine your vision. Moreover, we can even overlap this interesting element in a more stylish outfit.

Add a touch of originality to her spring-summer look with a crochet element

crochet poncho outfit woman spring look total white

Chic duo set for women and visible bra

Speaking of the classy and stylish vision, it’s impossible not to zoom in on another trend that stands out this year. It’s all about the combination: chic ladies’ ensemble with bra. A hyper popular association and recently seen at Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors and many other designers. Whether it’s a minimalist lace bra or a sports bra, the visible lingerie stands out as a flagship solution of the year.

Emphasize your chic vision by adopting the duo together with visible lingerie

women's costume set and visible bra spring 2022 look

Which spring color? An explosion of vibrant hues

Curious which color will set the tone in the coming months? All vibrant shades! And besides, it’s not worth trying to limit yourself to one flashy piece in your daytime outfit, because in reality it’s the technique color block which is getting more and more popular! So it’s a matter of mixing two (or more) vibrant colors to get an aesthetic and chic look. Among the most popular variants, we can mention the combos: pink-orange, pink-yellow, blue-green, purple-yellow, etc…

This year we dare to color block

yellow pants red blazer blue top color spring summer 2022 color block

Idea for women’s outfit in a totally white look

After giving way to loungewear outfits (due to the boom in telecommuting), suits and elegant workwear are making a comeback on the fashion catwalk. For example, the all-white look in a chic women’s suit is an ultra-popular approach to clothing that we see at Erdem, Jil Sander, Fendi… In addition, it is a sophisticated look to use not only for special occasions, but in fact all year round .

The all-white look remains a timeless trend for a stylish vision

total white look gigi hadid suit set summer color 2022

The crop top with tie-string: a trendy women’s wardrobe in 2022

Lately, crop tops have come in a thousand and one versions to enhance any look. And this year it’s the cropped top especially with string to tie, which we will see everywhere. A chic piece with details that perfectly emphasize the size that you can’t get enough of. The delicately crossed strings on the belly prove to be the ideal ally to achieve an effortless chic and attractive look. And that, even if we combine the crop top with loose jeans and sneakers!

Crop tops remain super popular

chic ladies outfit crop top string waist long skirt

A thousand and one combinations of vibrant colors to try out right away

vibrant colors trendy spring summer 2022 accessories

Fantastic view in total white mode

chic ladies dress model in white total monochrome look

Impeccable dress style idea with blazer and pants

chic ladies set beige blazer black slim fit pants

ladies outfit idea white crop top beige suede jacket

Here is an excellent idea to wear sequins daily

glasses chic outfit woman pastel pink crop top sequin skirt

summer fashion 2022 women's crop top with white and blue stripes

Multicolored vision for summer

summer fashion 2022 women purple v-neck crop top

The monochrome look remains in vogue

women's fashion 2022 monochrome look pastel green cardigan

long summer dress split summer fashion dress 2022 woman

summer trend 2022 beige oversized blazer white sneakers

fashion trends spring summer 2022 top crop sandals

chic outfit woman long skirt white boot pastel sweater

ladies class outfit two-tone top pastel pink pants

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