Football: Humiliated, Sion could not delay the (future) champion’s march


Beaten 5-1 by Zurich, which could be crowned this Sunday, the Walliser club sank at Letzigrund. After he pretended to resist, his players didn’t exist after the break.

Baltazar (left) tries to steal the ball from Ousmane Doumbia.

Andy Mueller/Fresh Focus

On February 20, Sion and Zurich left on very bad terms. Result, to Wallis, of an equalizer that fell after extra time after a penalty converted by Marchesano (97th, 1-1). Before that, there had been confusion, beatings and a lot of nervousness, which had led to the exclusion of Marquinhos, followed by that of Paolo Tramezzani, who, somewhat displeased with Mr. Schärer, the battle with both the referee and his Zurich counterpart. In the process, the League had opened an investigation before the perpetrators were severely punished. In other words, all the ingredients for a reunion that we could have feared… Unfounded fear as everything had to happen normally, with the added bonus of a new knockdown of the visitor, already humiliated 6-2 last August on the banks of the Limmat.

At Letzigrund, the game would also start in the worst possible way for the visitors, who were soon trailing 2-0. We rewind. Less than 100 seconds later, after a ball returned by Wesley, Gnonto broke on Fickentscher, whose dismissal was exploited by Ceesay, marking his 17th success of the season. In the wake or almost, Doumbia delivered a beautiful opening that Rohner didn’t question himself about. Pure delight, his instant volley stuck in the opposite corner. Taking maximum risk crowned with an exceptional goal, both in sequence and realization (9th, 2-0).

Zion may never have recovered. But he had to find a way to lift his head, even getting back on the score as Cavaré transformed an impeccable serve from Marquinhos (32nd). We would see much of the Valais right side, with several attempts before the break almost hitting the mark. Sion was not yet on the street then, but became almost tempting in his counterattacks. Meanwhile, Fickentscher had played the savior.

Under threat from Lucerne

But just like in the first act, the Valais actors unfortunately had to stay behind the scenes during the second curtain raise. With a furious shot after a header from Gnonto, Aliti took the opportunity to easily give the future champion two steps forward. Zurich could unfold wisely as its fans’ chants doubled.

Sion, for his part, would retain the small hopes of a nebulous comeback, made definitively impossible by the success of substitute Tosin, staked by Ceesay after a ball lost by Ndoye. For the triumph of a leader in demonstration, the meeting even turned into punishment when Tosin went there with his doppelganger (77th).

Relapsed into its shortcomings against much stronger than him, the Walliser club continues to tremble even at “a good distance”. But the danger that threatens him could approach more concretely this Sunday if Lucerne were to win in Basel. A result that would not only bring the Central Swiss team within four points of the Walliser, but above all offer the 13th title in its history to FC Zurich, whose players could be crowned on the bench in a few hours, in front of the television.

Letzigrund, 14,735 spectators. Referee: Mr Bieri.

goals: 2nd Ceesay 1-0. 9th Rohner 2-0. 32nd Cavalry 2-1. 50th Aliti 3-1. 72nd Tosin 4-1. 77th Tosin 5-1.

Zurich: Infringement; Kamberi, M. Kryeziu, Aliti; Rohner (41st Wallner), Dzemaili (79th Seiler), Doumbia, Guerrero (79th Mets); Marchesano (64th Hornschuh); Ceesay, Gnonto (64th Tosin). Coach: A. Breitenreiter.

If we: Fickentscher; Cavare, Bamert, Ndoye, Benito, Marquinhos; Zuffi (Sio), Grgic; Baltazar; Wesley (13th Bua, 84th Tosetti), Stojilkovic. Trainer: P. Tramezzani.

Comments: Zurich without B. Omeragic, Boranijasevic (injured), Buschman, Kramer (suspended). Sion without Itaitinga (injured), Iapichino, Martic, Theler, Rodrigues, Keita, Aguilar, Berdayes, Doldur, Gloor (with the M21s), Kabashi, Schmied, Serey Die, Vagner, Hoarau (not called up).

Warnings: 14th Cavalry. 21st Grgic. 61st Benito (suspended against YB).

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