Football. Morgan Hardoin and Jules Huet: ‘We often hit bars on the ground’

Morgan Hardoin and Jules Huet in the yellow light of the port of Caen, where we met them. (©AC / Sport in Caen)

They may not be on the same team anymore, Jules Huet and Morgan Hardoin are rarely a week without seeing each other. The two often-attacking defenders spent the evening together, Friday, April 22, 2022, on the eve of a much-anticipated showdown in National 3. Jules Huet, who left Avant Garde Caennaise last summer to join Vire, welcomes her friend, who remained in Caen, fighting to keep it. After the 6-1 first leg, in which neither boy took part, revenge is in the air. The AGC, which flirts with the red zone, is under pressure. Double H crossover interview.

Morgan, if Jules hadn’t left AG Caen, would the season have been different?

Morgan Hardoin: If he hadn’t left, we wouldn’t have had the same season. Secure. He was a mainstay of the team and a locker room manager. He has chained the matches with us.

Jules, are you surprised by the trajectory of the Avant Garde this season?

Jules Huet: One year doesn’t make another. They were unlucky at the start of the season. They lost points and that put them in a negative spiral. They had a team to do the job. They also recruited in my place… But yeah, I’m really surprised. We expected them to be at the top, at least in the top 5. It’s a complicated season, but they have older players to make ends meet.

Morgan, are you starting to stress about your attitude?

MH: The more the season passes, the more the pressure increases. On the positive side, we only have two injuries. The infirmary, which was full at the start of the season, is starting to empty. It can only get better after five games without a win.

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You are going through a rather incredible season, between your poor performance and all the adventures at the staff level…

MH: When a season goes bad, everything often goes wrong. It actually went bad on the field, but between the players it went relatively well. After that, disagreements arose between some players and the coach. The results do not contribute to good overall dynamics. It’s mostly our fault. We, the players, are on the pitch.

Morgan Hardoin: “I’ll Get a Taste of Revenge”

The first leg marked a turning point for AG Caen, as Julien Le Pen was sacked after the 6-1 loss.

MH: At that point it was still going pretty well because we had quite a few points ahead of the red zone. This defeat sent us into a hyper-negative spiral because it brought a lot of changes afterwards. Doubt has arisen, we have also had many injuries.

This season hasn’t been easy for you either, Jules.

JH: We also had a lot of physical problems. I myself have been absent for four and a half months. There were four starters on the sidelines. We had some trouble earning points and that started a negative spiral. Just before half time we raised the bar. Since then, we’ve been doing well.

Will there be a taste of revenge on the side of the Avant Garde?

MH: I hope there will be a taste of revenge among my teammates. I will have it! We have to win to make the end of the championship possible. We make sure that a match is played. There was no competition in the first leg.

Personally, you seem to be swimming this season, Morgan.

MH: As far as my stats go, things are going pretty well. I achieve consistent performance. I also got a lot more responsibility this year. I take all set pieces, I take the penalties. This is also what allows me to have these stats. But it is still a team sport. If we don’t win, it’s because I’m not doing everything right. It’s complicated to throw flowers in this context.

Jules Huet: “It doesn’t matter in football”

You are often said to have claimed a higher level.

MH: If we’re here, it’s because we’ve made choices. We could have both played in National 2. We had the opportunities for that. Jules also had opportunities higher up.

JH: It comes down to little. It’s football, it’s a bit of a weird world. I wasn’t far from signing for Avranches and QRM when they were in National. Last summer I still had opportunities to log in to N2. I lasted 27 years. After a while you have to put football in second place before it is too late. I prioritized my professional life. I found a CDI (as a real estate diagnosis, editor’s note). The goal is to have a stable life after my small career as an amateur football player.

Without regrets?

JH: You should never be sorry. Sometimes we say to ourselves, “why didn’t we try to gauge ourselves for six months? “But it is.

MH: Football is made of choices. We were both in favor of the professional aspect. You should also know that there is not much difference in salary between the National 3, the National 2 and sometimes the National when you combine work and football. These are also financial choices. We might as well have had a good life and a good career in National 3. We may regret in five, ten years, thinking we could have played in National 2. Maybe even against each other (to smile). But we’re making great memories in National 3. Then we’ll see new pages open at the end of the season.

Don’t you close a door?

MH: Normally I’ll be on the Avant Garde next year.

Aren’t you jealous of Jules for leaving?

MH: I confused him at the beginning of the season. These are professional and human choices. If you want to see something different to move forward in your personal life, you should. He was absolutely right to leave. When he says he signed his CDI, we are all proud and happy for him.

“Increase a club in National 2”

Staying in N3 when we could have considered higher, isn’t that a lack of ambition?

JH: No, because I’ve always picked projects to play the climb. My goal will always be to get a team from the Caen conurbation to National 2. Mondeville almost succeeded. I always try to be ambitious and do my best on the pitch. Even if football comes second, I will give my all on a football field.

MH: At this level we have to be ambitious. It remains a relatively good level, even if it is no longer the CFA 2 of the time…

JH: … it will be like that again (with the revision of the championships, editor’s note).

MH: If we’re not ambitious, we’re going crazy… We’re both very competitive with Jules. We have always been in ambitious clubs. We both want to be in National 2. I think when it comes it will be with a club that we’ve managed to raise. Nowadays it is complicated to play football alone even in National 2. You have to sign federal contracts, but many players are in the market with no contract…

How long have you known each other?

JH: Ever since Morgan left Malherbe. He went with me in Dives when we went from DH to CFA 2. We bonded and we never left each other. He just followed me to every club I went.

MH: Jules left for Mondeville, I came to him after six months. Then he went to the Avant Garde, I to Alençon. I went with him to the AGC. Every time it was he who made me come. Jules is a very good seller (smile). But if I wasn’t very good, I don’t think he would have taken me!

Will you still be friends on Saturday night, regardless of the outcome of the match?

MH: It depends on how much you take (laughs)!

JH: Me, I’ll be more in tenant mode.

MH: I think we’ll spend the evening together.

JH: I manage to stay focused while laughing on a field. Morgan is the same as me. We often hit bars on the ground.

Can you find yourself on the field against each other?

MH: He’s come a long way since he’s a right-wing centre-back and I’m a right-wing. It would take a counter-attack and I leave with a little head start. He’ll get me, that’s for sure. I don’t think there are faster defenders than him in Lower Normandy. Then we’ll see what I can do!

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