Football. Relive the thrilling screenplay match between FCEH and Verson, in Regional 2

Théo Dufour’s FCEH will face Verson on Saturday, April 23, on behalf of the 25th day of Regional 2. (©Nadine DJEBBAR)

Follow live commentary on the 25th day of Regional 2 meeting between the FC Equeurdreville-Hainneville and version1st and 2nd respectively in Group A. Entry into Region 1 will be partly decided at this meeting at the Jean-Jaurès stadium.

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Verson opened the scoring via Denieul in the 12th minute. Two goals in one minute: the FCEH equalized, but Verson quickly recaptured the lead on the hour (1-2)

The FCEH is reduced to 10 during the last 15 minutes after the eviction of Legangneux.

Vincent Pasquier scores twice in the 85th minute to equalize for FCEH. The exit of the field is stormy and Levergeois (Verson) also gets red.

Live commentary

End of match FCEH – Verson: 2-2. After a breathless scenario, the two teams split back to back. The good effect is for the FCEH because reduced to 10, the Equeurdrevillais managed to equalize in the last minutes. They remain at the top of the rankings.

After the match : Levergeois (Verson) is suspended for insulting Mr. Lepleux, the referee of this meeting.

90+1: Gabriel’s off-center free kick spreads panic in FCEH defence, but Leroux catches the ball (2-2)

88′: The tension is clearly up a notch! (2-2)

85′: Verson players and staff complain about Vincent Pasquier’s position, on the verge of being offside for this goal, but the linesman doesn’t back down (2-2)

84′: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! A center shot from Hénaff on the right ends up in the penalty area at the foot of Vincent Pasquier. The FCEH playmaker takes over immediately and cheats Nogues (2-2)! What an atmosphere in Jaures!

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80′: Nambot’s lob attempt goes just over the goal (1-2)

77′: Instant red card for William Legangeux! The FCEH defender’s overly hard tackle leaves Seyer on the ground, who has to be replaced with a leg injury (1-2). Legangneux, who had replaced Kerjean, only stayed on the field for fifteen minutes.

73′: Hénaff replaces Lemaître on the FCEH side. †1-2)

71′: Nambot’s powerful attack goes over the top. Verson’s midfielder makes a strong impression (1-2)

69′: Yellow card to Baptiste Lelong for a tough tackle (1-2)

67′: Pomar, injured in the adductors, is replaced by Le Roy.

65′ : Offset on the right, Le Moigne misses his cross while two partners waited alone in the area for the ball. The FCEH is in a strong moment. †1-2)

64′: What an opportunity for FCEH! Lelong’s eccentric free kick takes the top corner, but Nogues makes a great save (1-2)

61′: Tempers flared between the benches with a few glances. Rhorchi, on the bench, takes yellow. In the next minute, Cathrine (Verson) received a warning for too hard a tackle (1-2)

60′: VERSON GOOOOO! Incredible storyline. Verson regains the lead at kick-off. Joris Lezec tries to counterattack after a cross from the right, but cheats Leroux (1-2)

59′: FCEH GOOOOO! After a long touch of Jean-Marie Collin in the area, Vincent Pasquier is found in the area, he turns around and cheats on Nogues (1-1)

58′: Exit of Le Roy, replaced by Guyvarch. (0-1)

55′: Yellow card for Zami (Verson). The former Saint-Lois is replaced by Seyer (0-1)

52′: Cathrine’s disastrous eviction, after a cross from V. Pasquier, comes close to her own skylight. Corner (0-1)

50′ : The FCEH seems to have returned with better intentions not yet materializing by chance (0-1)

46′: Here we go again. A substitution on the side of the FCEH with the exit of Rhorchi, replaced by Le Moigne.

Large crowd at Jean-Jaurès.
Large crowd at Jean-Jaurès. (©Nadine DJEBBAR)

Rest: FCEH – Verson: 0-1. At halftime, the Calvadosiens logically take the lead thanks to a goal from Denieul in the first fifteen minutes. The Equeurdrevillais are currently too shy as they get caught up in the challenge. We will have to react in the second half.

44″: Good cross from Lelong to the penalty spot. Pasquier’s half volley appeared to grab the frame, but Pomar Fortez’s header fends off FCEH number 10’s attempt (0-1)

Vincent Pasquier's half volley was unsuccessful.
Vincent Pasquier’s half volley was unsuccessful. (©Nadine DJEBBAR)

42′: Thanks to a small heel from Nambot, Denieul can arm himself at 22 meters. The Verson striker’s shot, low to the ground, hits Leroux’s post. What an opportunity for visitors! (0-1)

39′: Bouaziz corner, Denieul header at the near post goes over (0-1)

34′: In front of Verson, on the right, Bouaziz unscrews his center … and scrapes the skylight of Le Roux that was knocked out (0-1).

30′ : The first warning is for Denieul, behind an FCEH defender (0-1)

28′: Many elected officials are present in the spans, such as Sébastien Fagnen, Claudine Sourisse, Anna Pic or Dominique Hébert.

27′: Denieul’s turntable isn’t strong enough to deceive Leroux. 0-1

25′: For Verson, a free kick by Le Roy was pushed back from 25 meters for a corner by Le Roux. The angle doesn’t matter. 0-1

22′: There are about 500 spectators at the Jean-Jaurès Stadium. After a foul by captain Joris Lezec along the sidelines, the crowd is on fire. 0-1

18′: The FCEH invests Verson’s camp and tries to react after this opening of the score. Two consecutive corners from Baptiste Lelong do nothing. 0-1

16′: The FCEH’s response to a set piece. Corner of Sylvain Lemaitre. Jean-Marie Collin’s head goes over your head. 0-1

12′: TARGET OF VERSON! On the first opportunity of the match, Verson is realistic. Opening of Nambot for Bouaziz on the left. The latter tries a cross, repelled by Le Roux. Denieul takes over Kerjean to penetrate the empty target. 0-1

8′: Both teams are in the observation phase and seem to be afraid of each other. There are currently no opportunities to report.

6 p.m.: Let’s go !

5:55 PM: Both teams enter the field. FCEH supporters are already giving their voices. There are several hundred supporters in the spans of Jean-Jaurès.

5:50 PM: Here is the composition of the two teams.
FCHE : Le Roux, Collin, Rorchi, Lemaitre, Kerjean, Lezec (cap), Leloutre, Dufour, Lelong, V. Pasquier, Giguet, Legangneux, Le Moigne, Hénaff. ent. : Ch. Gosselin.
VERSION : Nogues, Levergeois, Cathrine, Tall, Pomar Fortez, Aublet (cap), Zami, Nambot, Denieul, Le Roy, Bouaziz, Gabriel, Guyvarch, Seyer. ent. : N.Vrel.

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