French cuisine and exotic notes at the Flagrants délices restaurant in Clermont-Ferrand

Between Fontgiève and Gaillard in Clermont-Ferrand, we pushed the door of the Flagrants Délices restaurant during the lunch break.

The place

If you’ve been from Clermont for a long time (and are over 40, for example), you may have known Francky, a night bar on rue Sainte-Rose. Here, a stone’s throw from the court city, the restaurant Flagrants délices was born, just before the first incarceration. As for the decoration, it is day and night: two bright rooms decorated in a contemporary style, whose reception capacity can be doubled with the terrace installed in good weather.

Two interior rooms and a terrace in good weather.

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Alexandre Chambon and Zolzaya Gonchig met at La Belle Meunière, in Royat. Alexandre did his apprenticeship there and Zolzaya his lessons after leaving the Chamalières hotel school. They worked together at L’Épicerie M – a restaurant that no longer exists – before deciding to open their restaurant two years ago.


It is reflected in a small menu made from fresh, seasonal products. Zolzaya likes to combine French and Asian flavors in recipes that flirt with fusion cuisine. “I like to use coriander, lemongrass, ginger, mild spices… to give exotic notes to my dishes”.

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This gives dishes that are all pimped in subtlety to discover from the lunch formula (which we recommend for its good value for money). For example, treat yourself to a five-spice chicken stir-fry, market fish with lime sauce, or beef stew with two coriander. And finish with a nice dessert, light in sugar but not in taste, like this delicious mango cheesecake.

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Our favorite dish

The Thai salad, the signature dish to discover on the spot or on sale to take away.

It’s the Thai salad! It was offered in the takeaway menu when the restaurant opened. It has become Zolzaya’s signature dish, which is on the menu all year round, a recipe that the regulars never tire of. The main ingredients? Green salad, breaded chicken breasts, bean sprouts, carrot, red cabbage, coriander. And this little spicy sauce, seasoned with a mix of homemade herbs, is what makes it so unique.

What do we drink?

A glass of Auvergne wine, why not a red Saint-Pourçain, Domaine Grosbot-Barbara, produced in the town of Cesset. Perfect with meat or the famous Thai salad.

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Starter-main course-dessert lunch menu €17 (Monday to Friday). Menus at €26 and €35. A la carte dishes € 19/22. Thai salad €15. Sale of takeaway meals. Restaurant vouchers are accepted. Terrace.

Practical information. Flagrant delicacies, 18 rue Sainte-Rose in Clermont-Ferrand. Open for lunch Monday to Friday. Evenings on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Tel.

Catherine Jutier

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