Who is Ronan Kervarrec, a star in the 2022 Michelin Guide and located near Rennes?

Ronan Kervarrec, chef of the house of the same name in Saint-Grégoire, near Rennes, which received its first star in the 2022 Michelin guide. (©Brian Le Goff / Rennes News)

After winning his first star in the Michelin guide of 2022it is a Ronan Kervarreci with a calm temperament but confirmed thatNews Rennes found in the idyllic setting of the house that bears his name, formerly Le Saison, in Saint-Grégoire, near Rennes

lucid, he knows that the work that has gone into this success has been important. So he congratulates himself and his teams on this first phase and think about the possible sequel, while don’t forget where he comes from

An innkeeper father

Because these are good his origin who accompanied Ronan Kervarrec. Son of a former innkeeper who was established in Hennebont in Morbihan, it is thanks to his father that he loved to cook.

I always saw him at work, first I watched, then I helped. He was a great saucier, his cooking focused on the sauce and the quality of the products.

ronan kervarrecNew star chef near Rennes

When choosing what to do to do with someone’s lifeRonan Kervarrec decides to follow in his father’s footsteps and learn the profession of cook at Dinard hotel school† He will first do a BEP in cooking, then a CAP in tableware. “I continued with a added comment butcher caterer in Lille. He joined the top caterer Lenôtre and in particular worked with the double best worker in France Guy Krenzer.

A Passage Through “The School of Humility”

The Companions of Duty also open their doors to him. From this experience he remembers the “education” and the “transfer”† “We travel from house to house before becoming chefs. The various companions teach us excellence and knowledge† For me it was the school of humility† †

He continued his career in renowned houses, such as Georges Blanc in Vonnas (Ain) and the Saint Simeon farm in Honfleur (Calvados), before leaving to work with the chef Yannick Alleno in Marrakech for the opening of the luxury hotel Royal Mansour: “I was one of the chefs who came to support train the teams Moroccan for the opening in 2010″.

Back in France, he went to the Hôtel Château de La Chèvre d’Or, between Nice and Monaco (Alpes-Maritimes), where he the two Michelin stars for six years† He will do the same at the Hostellerie de Plaisance in Saint-Emilion for five yearsnow renamed the Hôtel de Pavie.

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The return to Brittany

Ronan Kervarrec regularly returns to Brittany to see his family, including his brother who lives near Saint-Grégoire, near Rennes. good relations with the managers of restaurant Le Saison when these explain to him that they want to sell their establishment.

I wanted to go back to Brittany with my wife Els. My story and my iodine-centric cooking is more consistent here, more legit.

Ronan KervarreciNew star chef near Rennes

It is therefore in 2020 that the chef finds the lands of his native region† Before opening in good shape, it will undergo the ups and downs associated with the health crisis.

Its cuisine, its history

When we talk about his kitchen, Ronan Kervarrec explains that he tells his story with her. ” De menushe is always in progress† The Products that I work are the ones who have me always rained : buckwheat pancakes, potatoes, cider, shellfish, poisons, etc. »

the seaweeds he uses to allow the different ingredients to coexist. “Iodine to me is just memories”, he continues. Memories, which he wants to share as much as possible.

He continues his journey to the pride he has for Brittany† “Going from home to the sea is quick. In 1h-1h15 you taste oysters and stuffed mussels at an oyster farmer, feet in the water. †

The new star chef says: “living for pleasure and cooking is part of it”

The new star chef Ronan Kervarrec in the kitchen of his house, in Saint-Grégoire, near Rennes, at the end of a lunch service.
The new star chef Ronan Kervarrec in his kitchen, in Saint-Grégoire, near Rennes, at the end of a lunch service. (©Brian Le Goff/ Rennes News)

ardent defender of his region

As soon as we talk about our region, we feel strength and determination by Ronan Kervarrec to show that Brittany isn’t not just a simple French region

“Brittany is a country. We like to criticize it unfairly. Me, I am Breton above all. We say that Bretons are closed in on themselves, that is not true. It has been going on for centuries. Brittany is authentic, there are real people .”

Ronan KervarreciNew star chef near Rennes

For him, Brittany must remain as it is: “we must defend the territory’s values where we come from and that’s what I do”. In Saint-Grégoire we are in the “countryside” while being close to the city, he adds. ” It is a oasis of peace, it is good living here and, more generally in Brittany, I like it coasts that are exceptionally beautiful† †

Immediately a first star: a nice reward

While Ronan Kervarrec’s house alone has few years in operation behind her, the chef and his teams have already been awarded a first star. The two-star regulars don’t see this single star as a disappointment at all.

” To have two stars is indeed a short term goal† We didn’t come here to grow carrots. I worked as before, that first star was a lot of work. The Michelin inspectors are not gullible, they know me, they see me evolve and they make us evolve. They know whether we are ready or not and we were clearly not ready for the two stars,” he recalls.

“And if they had given them, was our kitchen worth the two stars? Wouldn’t that have done us more harm than served compared to what people might expect? asks the star chef. Respond by forming your own opinion!

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