3 Gothcore Trends To Use To Be Flattering

Goth influences are all over the fashion catwalks lately, and if you like the dark, Victorian look, you don’t necessarily have to wear black lipstick and multiple piercings to make it work. Gothcore, also known as ‘Goth Girlfriend’, inspired by style icons like Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox, shows dark colors, plaid skirts, cross-shaped necklaces and lots of metal accessories. Read on to find out about the other must-have elements of Gothic dress, other than the black wedding dress, which has been all the rage in recent years!

Fan of the gothic clothing style? The items you must have in your dressing room to be a princess of darkness

Hollywood feeds some of the Gothmania with popular movies such as “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and the “Twilight” series. If you’ve long loved the opulent materials, silver accents and laces of gothic fashion, this season might be your chance to step into the limelight. Let’s take a look at three trends popping up on the runway that make moody look chic.

black gothic style check dress for women

The Gothic style is not absolutely linked to a look that is too dark and bizarre. In fact, it’s all about extra glamor and highlights. You can renew your wardrobe with fabrics such as velvet, lycra, fine lace, silk, transparent chiffon and leather. Complete your look with fishnet tights, combat boots, chunky boots or platform soles with studs for a gothic finish.

woman fashion gothic style

Black leather is making a comeback

woman gothic dress style fishnet tights

Leather is the most compelling, supple and trending fabric this season for both goth and mainstream fashion. You love shoes and accessories, but this is the year when you should invest in a leather skirt and at least above the knee boots.

gothic dress style women black latex dress

Leather is one of the easiest ways to take on the Gothic style of dress, so make sure you at least get a pair of pants, a little black dress, or a corset. You can pair your leather pants or skirt with a black chiffon shirt for a dramatic and elegant look. As for matching accessories, think of lots of studs (studs with studs) and spikes, be it a bag, gloves or jewelry like chokers.

teen gothic dress style

Goth girls know that a leather bustier can make a black lace blouse irresistible. This year you will have no trouble finding a wide leather corset belt to make your everyday outfits shine. Leather also adorns the sleeves and collars of blazers, as well as some very striking outerwear that we’ll talk about in a moment. If you haven’t already embraced the shiny look and feel of this material, now is the time to give it a try.

black corset woman gothic clothing style

You probably already know that your goth style will be more authentic and dynamic if you wear black fishnet stockings. The catwalks of Paris and New York take full advantage of the beautiful textured counterpoint these accessories provide. They also look great with red heels, especially in an all black outfit.

wide gothic style corset belt for women

The cape coat

fashion cape woman in gothic style

Choose the right outerwear. This winter, it is a good idea to buy an architecturally cut jacket that will give your outfit a perfect shape. The cape coat has a dramatic and gothic look, so you can prefer a model with studs, jewels or faux fur, making sure you look absolutely elegant and classy.

Some capes are oversized, structured and long while others are short and wavy. You’ll also like this: Leather details on outerwear are huge in 2022. While some designs look more modern and appropriate, others look very Victorian. Consider all possibilities.

Metallic accents in the gothic clothing style

gothic dress style metal accessories for women

Gothic fashion isn’t just about wearing black. It also involves using subtle designs that tell a story (often scary or macabre), as well as sporting dramatic clothing. In this context, Georgina Chapman’s intricately detailed gold and silver garments look feminine, but they also display skeletons and other morbid elements. The Gothic influences are very present there.

girl gothic dress style

For a more seductive look, you can combine metallic inserts and black sequins. This trend is not only for parties, but can also be used in your everyday wardrobe. Wear your favorite black ripped jeans, combine them with a fitted pewter gray sweater, add accessories such as a chunky necklace, as well as a pair of studded ankle boots and you have a gothic look.

You can take a look at the collections from Marchesa brand, designer Elie Saab and couturier Alexandre Vauthier, which use Gothic elements to add interest. Vera Wang showcased spider web patterned fabric in some of her sheath dresses, as well as a spider web themed necklace to add to some evening outfits.


spider web necklace

neo-gothic clothing style spider web necklace

white and black wedding dress

black and white gothic style wedding dress

All black outfit

gothic dress style woman black outfit

Little black dress

gothic style fashion woman little black dress

Gothic dress with pattern

neo-gothic clothing style for women

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