9 pieces to wear to the office after the home office to be super stylish

Are you back at the office after months of working from home? If you’re starting to reconnect with colleagues or are just in the mood to add new items to your formal wardrobe, we’re here to help. We present you the items you can add to your everyday outfits to be in the 2022 workwear trend. Yes, we know you already have a chic trench coat, but discover the other essentials now!

Workwear trend for women: what to wear to the office in 2022?

It can be difficult to get back into the rhythm of things. In 2022 we all expect to go back to the office. This means ditching loungewear and dressing every morning for success. But what can you wear to the office to stay fashionable this year? Find below your handy guide to navigating workwear during the pandemic.

1. The Blazer

ladies workwear trend 2022 chic blazer

Our favorite blazers have taken a well-deserved rest during the various lockdowns of the past, but now we can’t wait to head to the office in our favorite smart jackets.

Blazers for women always make a statement on the catwalks no matter the season, which means we can’t quite tell you that they are the stars of the moment as they are 100% part of the guard. Instead, we want to revisit this timeless outerwear style to identify current models. So, what’s in store for us this spring? The collarless blazer. There are no setbacks in sight. This detail, although subtle, remains very important, so much so that we consider it the trend to know this year.

We combine the blazer with a crisp white shirt, chic cigarette pants, a gold chain and a pair of trendy loafers.

2. The Monochrome Work Dress

Workwear Trend For Women 2022 Monochrome Formal Wear

We don’t know about you, but we’re not ready to let go of our love for casual outfits. But going back to the office, we’ll opt for trans-seasonal monochromatic half-sleeved dresses instead.

3. Women’s Workwear Trend 2022: The White Shirt

ladies workwear trend 2022 white shirt

Finding the perfect white shirt is no easy feat. If you’re a fan of a fitted blouse or a loose, oversized look, then this beauty is just right for you. We love this piece because it’s great for the office, but also with your vintage jeans on the weekend, or in your sequin skirt on the day of the party.

4. Wide Leg Pants

ladies workwear trend 2022 wide trousers

Since we were all at home in sweatpants, we can’t suddenly expect to wear tight, constricting pants. Instead, we settle down smoothly in wide-leg pants. We love the models in navy blue.

5. The Camel Coat

ladies workwear style 2022 camel jacket

If you are still looking for the perfect outerwear, try the cappuccino jacket. It brings comfort and style to your winter wardrobe. An ideal layer to complement cozy knits and wide leg trousers, it will get you through the colder months of the year in style.

6. Women’s Workwear Trend 2022: The Knit Sweater

knitted sweater for women in workwear style 2022

Knitted sweaters never lose their charm. New styles, trendy colors and concepts keep appearing this year. Fortunately, most of these outfits fit the office dress code. If you struggle to keep warm during the day, feel free to wear your knitted sweater or long cardigan.

7. The Midi Skirt

midi skirt for women in workwear style 2022

The midi trend is the strongest of the year, meaning you can fit all your favorite midi skirts into your wardrobe. Stick to neutral, business-like colors. Every office is different, but you can never go wrong with khaki, gray and black.

If you are taller, make sure to choose a midi skirt that falls just below your calf. Shorter women should aim for a hemline that falls above the mid-calf. They should emphasize height, and each option lends itself to making you look taller.

8. Moccasins with discreet heels

ladies workwear style 2022 low heel loafers

Heels never go out of style. This year, however, it’s all or nothing. Some prefer stiletto heels, while others opt for a low-profile, lower-to-the-floor option. Whatever you choose, make sure it doesn’t bother you too much during the workday. In general, we recommend betting on the modern low entry level.

9. Women’s Workwear Trend 2022: The Chic Bucket Bag

ladies workwear 2022 trendy bucket bag

Now that we have a few more things to take to work – a face mask, hand sanitizer, our own water bottle, to name a few – you probably need a decent bag, chic enough to sit on your desk.

Bucket bags combine large capacity with an attractive cylindrical design. They often have a zipper at the top, giving you access to a very deep space. You may have to move some gear to find what you’re looking for, but a bucket bag can hold many necessary items without breaking a sweat. We think this fashion accessory is perfect in seagull gray for work, but it’s also available in black and red if you want to add a pop of color.

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