Cristina Cordula and her ideas for a woman’s look in her sixties

Leave cliches and receive ideas! At 50, 60 you could look more beautiful and elegant than ever! Personalities such as Cristina Cordula – makeover and image consultant, known for TV shows like shopping queens, is living proof. Instead of just following her basic advice, let’s open the doors to her own wardrobe through several ideas for the looks of women in their sixties.

Cristina Cordula shows us how to stay chic at 60

The 50s and 60s are the time to break free from the dictates of fashion, in favor of your comfort and your own personal style. We have already gained a lot of experience in the field of fashion and we can clearly distinguish the pieces that fit us from the pieces that do not fit. In fact, we’ve probably already learned that a woman is beautiful when she feels good about herself. However, this doesn’t mean you have to search grandma’s wardrobe! The following outfit is great proof that comfort and style can go hand in hand.

Don’t be fooled! Jeans can be worn at any age. But for the sake of comfort, we would always bet on high-waisted jeans and avoid slim cuts. This is the jeans model Cristina chose to create this hot casual look you see below. To add some spice, the jeans are complemented by a very soft sweater in a fuchsia hue. Because no matter what we tell you, maturity doesn’t rhyme with baggy clothes and sad colors. You can opt for a colored piece, unless you want to tone down the character with a more classical piece, for perfect harmony. Likewise, for example, the leather or denim jacket and sneakers are two examples of youthful pieces that you can wear without hesitation.

Fluffy sweater and high-waisted jeans – stylish and comfortable casual outfit

women casual dress fuchsia pink sweater black jeans pants women dress style

A modern and professional 50-year-old woman look

If you haven’t left the working world yet, know that there are ways to wear the pantsuit for 50-year-old women without looking too stern or even masculine. First of all, choose a natural material that is pleasant to wear, such as linen. This one has a very refined and feminine character, as can be seen in the photo below. The association with a white shirt is a very classic solution. However, the most important thing when choosing the tailor is the choice of accessories. In this case, the earrings and these gorgeous leopard print sneakers are the accents that set the tone for this professional look with character.

Expertly accentuated trouser suit to make you stand out from the crowd

white shirt and beige women's trouser suit 50 years with leopard sneakers

Stylish ladies outfit, Parisian style at 60

The chic, Parisian style is the most obvious to compose after 60 years. You can see an excellent and very stylish example of this, composed by Cristina Cordula. The years inevitably leave their mark on the silhouette that sometimes shows a few wrinkles, rolls and other signs of existential experience. To camouflage them, there is nothing better than the pencil skirt that structures and refines the waist, while being very elegant. Here you see a classic black pencil skirt paired with a muted beige shirt. Another trick to definitely refine the silhouette – tuck the shirt into the skirt (the pants). The leopard print scarf and designer necklace are back to elevate your look for the day.

Stylish women’s outfit in skirt, shirt and scarf

look with black skirt transparent shirt and scarf poncho makeover woman 55 years old

Watch a woman in her sixties for a chic evening

To make you the star of a dressy evening, the dress for women over 60 is a real must-have. Straight cuts are perfect, but don’t hesitate to use a belt to highlight the waist. The crew neck is an excellent way to camouflage the few wrinkles that are already visible at the neckline. The transparent sleeves float in a very delicate way around the arms and can also hide imperfections there. The scallops add a chic note to the otherwise majestic Empire cut. Ideal solution for a wedding dress for a 50-year-old woman, chic cocktail party or other special event.

A crew neck Empire dress with sheer sleeves for elegance

dress for wedding wife 50 years 60 years with transparent sleeves and layers of green fabric

Curious about other great looks from the wardrobe of a successful 60-year-old woman. We let you draw inspiration from our gallery.

Long flowing dress and camel coat – how do you dress in winter

boots and red dress beige coat fashion woman 50 years stylish outfit chic woman

cristina cordula 50 years casual women's outfit with sailor jeans and elegant jacket

Classic and stylish white women’s suit

wedding pantsuit for 50-year-old woman with jacket, t-shirt and white pants

example trend woman beige sports pants black jacket black t-shirt bowler hat

modern look woman 60 years old black dress original chain gold leather jacket in top accessories

Red jacket with ruffles, handbag and leopard shoe to embellish a black pantsuit

red women's jacket and black women's trouser suit for women 60s leopard print handbag

ladies sweater and black pants brown leather jacket example look woman in her sixties

Leather dress and gold accents for a chic evening

midi leather dress with red black belt v-neck chic outfit elegant woman

woman dress 50 years 60 years with black belt look modern and chic red carpet

dress dress for 60 years old woman floral dress brown leather jacket chic style woman

60-year-old woman clothing style with white t-shirt colorful printed skirt trendy handbag

summer white pants woman outfit with light blue shirt and flared white pants

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