Diane Leyre (Miss France 2022): skirt length, favorite pieces and brands… Her fashion secrets

On December 11, Diane Leyre became Miss France 2022 in front of more than seven million viewers. From then on, the least of his words, his actions and gestures, as well as his clothing choices were scrutinized and commented on. Completely ready for the exercise, she answered our fashion questions.

That day, between two appointments, Diane Leyre allowed us a short telephone interview. In top form despite the media marathon she just completed. And above all very sure of herself, as she has shown since her election on December 11, 2021 in Caen. She describes her outfit: leather shorts, a pink and purple tweed jacket, a black jacket. The tone is set† Her very “Paris chic” style, she assumes it perfectly. With a touch of rock, and what to do with what people say. †My style, like it or not, it’s mine† The opportunity to learn more about her tastes, her choices and what she has in store for us for 2022.

Gala: How do you define your style?

Miss France 2022 : A chic French style, mixed with a touch of rock n’ roll. Ankle boots with heels, black tights, skirt, turtleneck sweater and leather jacket. I like berets, I like hats. I have them in all colors: pink, red, navy blue, transparent, beige, white…

Gala: Prefer skirt or pants?

Miss France 2022 : Both, I like to wear a suit as much as a nice skirt with tights and boots.

Gala: The piece of fashion, clothing or jewelry that never leaves you?

Miss France 2022 : The engagement ring my father gave to my mother. I put her aside for a bit during the Miss France adventure for fear of losing her, especially for the trip to Reunion. And I will not wear it to keep the ring of our partner Mauboussin, otherwise he will not leave me. It is very simple, in yellow gold and set with diamonds all around. My mother gave it to me when I was 18 and told me that it was the ring that signified her union with my father and that I was the fruit of their union.

Gala: Did your mother give you fashion advice?

Miss France 2022 : My mother is a very chic person, she gave me a taste for elegance. She always said that if you’re not in shape, it doesn’t show if you’re well dressed. She is the epitome of the Parisienne, tweed jacket, little black dress or black suit. My mother is blonder, but we have the same morphology, she is 1m72 tall and very thin…

© Benjamin Decoin / Sipa Miss France 2022 with family

Gala: Your favorite material: leather?

Miss France 2022 : Yes, and tweed.

Gala: The first item of clothing you bought?

Miss France 2022 : A Vanessa Bruno handbag.

Gala: The garment you are dreaming of right now?

Miss France 2022 : I love the Dior beret.

Gala: A personality that inspires you in terms of fashion?

Miss France 2022 : Negin Mirsalehi. I really like his style. She also wears the beret and she has thick hair like me. She wears a lot of colors just like me.

“Wearing mini skirts? No problem”

Gala: What are your favorite colors?

Miss France 2022I like yellow, purple† Flashy colors. Since I have a matte complexion, I like to go for bright shades that, I think, suit me better than pastels.

Gala: What is your favorite designer, fashion house?

Miss France 2022 : I love Chanel, which embodies the pinnacle of chic. It is a house that has remained modern and lasted over time. I wear them just like my grandmother and my mother before me, they are pieces that are passed down from generation to generation. I myself have a Chanel coat that I bought at a thrift store and that I love.

Gala: How do you choose your outfits for your Miss obligations?

Miss France 2022 : I don’t think it will change too much from my usual style. I was already dressed appropriately, I think. What is important as a lady is also to show her personality through her clothing. I have a Parisian style that sticks to my skin. Of course I wouldn’t come to events with dirty sneakers, I’m not going to start a conversation I’ve had for 10 years, but I wouldn’t show them either if I wasn’t wrong† We dress as if we are going to work, in business. I’ve always dressed for work, and that won’t change like a missus.

Miss France 2022 in special recordings for Gala
© Benjamin Decoin/SipaMiss France 2022 in special recordings for Gala

Gala: Are there any rules when it comes to skirt length?

Miss France 2022: No, I’m wearing short leather shorts and that’s no problem. It all depends on how you wear it, you have to stay elegant no matter what your outfit is. You have to know how to match it, accessorize it. The same goes for necklines, I’m not the type to take the plunge, especially as I’m often filmed. But that’s personal taste.

Gala: any advice for wearing mini skirts, with elegance?

Miss France 2022: We must already look wider and educate people’s eyes, because it is not for women to change their outfit to please someone alone, or because they are afraid. And practical advice, if you wear something short, close at the top, and if you want to wear a neckline, wear a little longer at the bottom. Simple. You need to know how to dose. But above all, we put on the outfit we want! In 2022 I think there should be no limit.

Miss France 2022 poses for Gala
© Benjamin Decoin / SIPAMiss France 2022 poses for Gala

Gala: As Miss France, do you benefit from a dressing room?

Miss France 2022: For the press shots, I was entitled to specific styling, but this is not the case for the TV shows. As a lady, I have access to a wardrobe rental service – Une robe un soir – but I choose my outfits. And most of the time I dress myself in my own outfits.

Gala: You already have a sense of fashion and your style…

Miss France 2022: Yes, I think, I’m 24, anyway, I know what I like. Surely there are things that don’t suit me, a stylist can tell me I’m doing something wrong, but we also have the right to make mistakes. But above all, whether my style likes it or not, it’s mine!

“If I have dark circles or a pimple, I take them”

Gala: We were talking about the length of the skirts, what about the height of the heels?

Miss France 2022: I didn’t wear stilettos for Miss France. I am 1m77, so I am not used to very high heels. So I trained. I realized how many pumps complete an outfit and make it elegant. A simple black dress with a pair of sneakers will not have the same effect with a pair of pumps. If you see me at the weekend I would definitely wear sneakers, it looks like me, but when I perform I would happily wear pumps. That’s the good thing about the missus, she’s suitable for all terrains.

Gala: Aside from the heels, how did you change your style by becoming Miss?

Miss France 2022: Makeup for example. I was very natural† I still am, but I like the idea of ​​changing his style a bit and being open to other things. On the sets I think you should wear make-up because with the lamps you quickly have a dull complexion, or you glow. I want to show the French that I’m energetic, I don’t want to look tired. But when I’m in everyday life, I just wear a little mascara like I usually do† The French woman of 2022, the one I embody, is not always prepared.

Gala: It’s also a trend to be natural.

Miss France 2022: You will see, I’m a miss anti-filter. I will never put filters on my photos in story. If I have dark circles I take them, if I have a pimple I take them too. We have a right to be tired! It’s important to show it because I don’t want French women to have complexes when they see me. There are days with and days without. No makeup, no brushing, that’s the way it is. That’s Miss 2022.

Miss France 2022 during her coronation on December 11, 2021 in Caen
© PIERRE VILLARD/SIPAMiss France 2022 during her coronation on December 11, 2021 in Caen

Photo credits: Edward Tur via Bestimage

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