Fashion Trends for Teens in the 80s

In fashion at the moment, there are so many choices, so many demands from young people, so many outside influences that it seems to me that it is becoming very difficult to choose clothes.says host Normand Harvey on the show day by day from May 21, 1984.

In addition to them, fashion coordinator Francine Potvin offers her the opportunity to present options for this category that is often forgotten in fashion shows: those of 13 to 17 year olds.

Day to Day, May 21, 1984

In preparation for this teen fashion show, the fashion coordinator brainstormed about ensembles that offered value for money, fitting the student’s limited budget. The key is to emphasize the accessories, she emphasizes.

In the spring of 1984, models Kelly, Francesca and Eddy donned outfits largely influenced by the two musical stars of the hour: Boy George and Michael Jackson.

The colors are bright, the pants are worn on the calf and the jeans are stronger than ever in the faded blue

Francine Potvin offers loose, comfortable and easily combinable clothing for young people, which she combines with belts and scarves that, when rolled up, give the effect of jewellery.

That’s a lot of beltsnotes host Normand Harvey, who especially appreciates the return of the aviator jacket, which can be worn sleeveless.

Canadian athletes holding Canadian flags.

Day to Day, November 5, 1984

to see day by day of November 5, 1984, the presenter Dominique Lajeunesse, for her part, proposes to categorize the fashion movements among adolescents in order to find their way.

Young people’s fashion is not dictated by stylists, designers or the fashion industry, Anne Poliquin first explains on the basis of her column. This is fashion that originated on the street, influenced by ideologies, musical movements or artists.

However, if young people adopt a new style, it is quickly picked up by the industry, she says. The hip-hop movement, which appeared on the streets of New York through the break danceis a prime example, as several clothing lines are now gearing up to launch collections inspired by it.

As in the 1970s, fashion movements among young people often arise in response to society and the elderly. However, they are increasingly volatile with a lifespan of up to one or two years, says columnist Anne Poliquin.

The latter nevertheless identifies four key clothing trends from which young people will draw style elements to differentiate themselves: hip-hop, bon chic bon genre (BCBG), neo-punk and modern pop.

Canadian athletes holding Canadian flags.

Current, September 30, 1987

to see Current September 30, 1987, the journalist Liliane Besner is interested in her turn in the importance for young people to adopt a style of clothing.

The teenagers she meets describe themselves as preppy, punk or alternative.

Being preppy – the college version of BCBG – is one of the hundred ways to belong to a group, the journalist notes. At school we shop for a style, we look for a looks likea mentality that suits us, but above all we want to come together.

What do I wear on the first day of school? This is the question most of these young people who are concerned about their image ask themselves.

Mine looks likeit represents my charactersays a student from Collège Brébeuf. When I’m in a good mood, I dress a certain way, and when I’m in a bad mood, I dress differently.

Me, my way of dressing, it’s just important to be comfortable. I have no message to convey with the way I dresssays another.

On the dance floor of the 13th heaven, a nightclub opened especially for their age group, all styles meet.

Canadian athletes holding Canadian flags.

Day to Day, April 12, 1989

Finally, in the 80s, a fashion trend will be born that is especially popular with the youngest: fluorescent.

Columnist Manuel Hurtubise presents presenter Dominique Lajeunesse with this great novelty on the show day by day dated April 12, 1989.

All stores are imbued with itmentions the columnist, who more specifically presents fashion accessories and sportswear.

The basic colors of this new trend are neon pink, neon yellow, neon green and neon blue combined with black to create contrasts.

Bib shorts, skirts, boots, belts, fluorescent accents can be found on everything that is worn. The motif of a man with a sour smile is also ubiquitous on the accessories.

Manuel Hurtubise has a weakness for Body Glove clothing that accentuates the body by placing accents. It sticks, it shapes, it fits you like a glove.

All summer sports are practiced in fluorescent colorshe predicted.

In this year 1989, for those who are still hesitant to dive into this trend, the columnist specifies that:there is a way to be fluorescent and classic

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