Football: A Corsican whistle in the final of the Gambardella Cup

Young referee of the Corsican Football League, Florian Della Tomasina will the May 7 next in final of the Lyon-Caen Gambardella Cup† A first for a Corsican referee, highlighting the young man’s promising career and work within the Corsican league…

A Corsican whistle in the final of the Gambardella, it had never happened until now!

On May 7, and as curtain for the final of the Coupe de France (Nice-Nantes), Florian Della Tomasina, 21, will referee the final of the very famous Gambardella Cup (Lyon-Caen).

A first that is anything but a surprise for a promising youngster. † It’s huge to find myself at the Stade de France refereeing this final, it’s a personal reward, but it highlights the great family of island referees to which everyone contributed, especially Jean-Marie Cazali.

An early passion

Like many boys his age, Florian started at Ghisonaccia, not with a whistle but with a ball. † I played from 4 years to 14 years oldstates the data subject, I played at left back.

Arbitration, he discovered it very early, at 10 and a half years old when his father was already officiating in youth tournaments. But if he goes down this path, it’s not specific to follow in Dad’s footsteps. † This function of football support came naturally to light, he makes clear, I understood the importance of this role and the decisions made by realizing that you cannot play football without a referee.

At the whistle, Florian varies from beginners to U11s. Two and a half years later, he signed his first license with the Ghisonaccia club and performed regularly. U13, U15, U17 to referee, just 18 years old, his first senior game three years ago. In the meantime, of course, he follows various courses that are essential for his development, in order to perfect his knowledge. † It is an activity that requires a lot of work. So I learned from my trainersin particular Jean-Marie Cazali, President of the Regional Commission of Arbitration of the Corsican Football League. With this team I was able to break through all the necessary levels. While working on a physical level through daily and also theoretical training to know the laws of the game.

Diploma of young federal referee at 16 years old

At the age of 16, the young man is the very first referee of the Corsican football league to pass the exam for young federal referees. Which gave him five years later to ride in the national U19 and N3, especially some derbies of the South hen (GFCA-ACA, GFCA-Lucciana, Gallia-Furiani). † I had no particular pressure during these matchesspecifies the already very mature young man, I know what I have to do and have endured these encounters quite well.

Jean-René Moracchini, President of the Corsica Football League, for his part, welcomes this promising career. † Florian quickly climbed through the ranks of umpires on the islandhe admits, in addition to his personal investment, it is worth highlighting the work of the trainers with a special mention to the Regional Arbitration Commission which does remarkable work on a daily basis in the recruitment, training, monitoring and assistance to the whole of the referees corps.

Selected from the five French contenders, Florian hopes to take another step next season by moving up to N2 (and fourth referee in L2). He has now been appointed as referee for the final of the Gambardella Lyon-Caen Cup, on Saturday 7 May at the Stade de France. † It is with great pride that we heard the newscontinues Jean-René Moracchini, it is also a reward for the Corsican family of referees and the colleagues he meets weekly on the island grounds. “The first step of a course – high level – that could eventually allow the young referee to hear the anthem of the cup live with big ears in Ligue 1 or who knows. A great showcase for island umpires and a source of great pride for the American Ghisonaccia.

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