Football: LS attacks the week of truth


Two crucial duels this Sunday against Grasshopper (4.30pm), then against Lucerne in seven days, will show whether the Vaudois can hope to stay in the Super League.

Trae Coyle, Anel Husic, Brahima Ouattara and Zeki Amdouni will not be able to count on the experience of Maxime Poundje (right) to take a second and essential victory against the final standings on Sunday.

Pascal Muller/fresh focus

On May 1, around 6.20 pm, a first verdict will be issued for Lausanne-Sport. In a week, of course, the Vaudois club will still not have the slightest guarantee to string together a third consecutive exercise in the Super League, but on the other hand, they will know if they still have a chance to take the place play-off at FC Lucerne.

To make this second scenario – unimaginable just two weeks ago – clearer, LS has no choice but to get six points back from Letzigrund and Swissporarena. All this in the hope that Lucerne will return from Basel empty-handed this Sunday. An ideal scenario where the inhabitants of Lausanne would not leave the last row, but which would only bring him one length closer to the jump-off.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m only interested in the next game,” emphasizes Alain Casanova. And then, whatever our result against Grasshopper, nothing will be bent. Either way.” A logical way to take the pressure off a team that has finally shown some encouraging signs of real rebellion since early April. is not yet sufficient to already consider LS a credible candidate for maintenance.

A win in 14 trips

“Paradoxically, a month ago, when everything went wrong, I felt more pressure on us than today, now that the hope for a maintenance is a bit stronger,” Anel Husic analyzes. So much the better, because the double challenge that awaits the Vaudois remains a priori extremely complicated to tackle successfully. How can you imagine that a team that has won just once in their first fourteen trips this season could manage to take two consecutive wins far from the basics?

“Paradoxically, a month ago, when everything was not going well, I felt more pressure on us than today, now that the hope for a sequel is a bit stronger”

Anel Husic, LS defender

The most optimistic – there are still some – of the Vaudois supporters will rightly answer that the course of Giorgio Contini’s final classification in 2022 is not nearly as convincing as what had tempted many last fall. And above all that the performance of the neo-promoters at home is more than worrying. So much so that the Zurichers have not left their Letzigrund as winners since October 2.

In such a context, cautious forecasters will opt for a fair distribution of points that would satisfy Giorgio Contini much more than Alain Casanova. Because if he wants to stretch the tension a little longer and make the May 1 meeting in Lucerne an exciting six-point game, the French technician knows better than anyone that his team will have no choice but to triumph. And to achieve this, she will have to take risks to score multiple goals. The numbers say relentlessly clearly that the Vaud defense is not an example of waterproofing, having reached this point only once (at St-Gall on Nov. 21) to keep to zero.

An unprecedented trio in defense

A shutout that’s all the more complicated to extend as the red lantern is likely to field an unprecedented trio in defense at Letzigrund. With Grippo and Koné injuries and Poundjé’s suspension, Casanova has no choice but to trust Zohouri, Husic and Monteiro to protect Thomas Castella. Then on the other side of the field, hope the incredible streak of the excellent Zeki Amdouni (eight goals in the last five games) continues.

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