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If you are small (less than 1m60) you will certainly experience a real hassle with every shopping session. If you’re curvy, if you’re round, or if you’re overweight, it’s even worse. If pants fit around your waist, they need a 6-inch hem. The little skirts that are so pretty on the hangers look awful once you try them on. You leave the stores frustrated and only buy another black top. Sidewalk! So that this hassle is no more than a distant memory, learn today to identify the cuts and clothing styles that can beautify your figure and erase the aspects that hinder you.

Zoom in on the tips to learn how to dress well when you’re short and round

Clothes you shouldn’t wear if you have curves

If you’re overweight, and especially if you’re complexed, you’ll want to camouflage yourself in loose, dark clothing. But doing this will make you look even bulkier, especially if you’re short, and look unkempt. On the contrary, it is better to wear feminine clothes, and in light colors, to emphasize yourself. Start by removing the following items from your wardrobe:

  • Tracksuits, joggers (except for sports of course!), hooded sweatshirts, wide pants with pockets…
  • “Oversized” and “loose” clothes, as well as clothes in the style of “boyfriends”, especially if they are dark.
  • The military motif, as well as the colors brown, brown, dark green…

Choose the right clothes according to your morphology

clothes to avoid if you are round and short

How To Make Your Figure Slimmer And Slimmer If You Are Round And Short

We won’t tell you anything about nutrition here. You don’t need it to be beautiful. Clothing has more power than you think. By optical effect, they have the ability to make your figure bigger and less bulky than it is. Every body is different and clothing helps you to tap into and reveal the beauty that is yours. Well-chosen clothes can help you harmonize your O or H silhouette:

The Empire dress blurs the tummy and makes your silhouette very feminine

Asos Curves Knee-Length Empire Flowing Dress

To lengthen your silhouette: create verticality effects, with:

  • straight cut: straight pants, straight skirt
  • long open coats, open cardigans
  • trousers with pleats; skirts with split
  • v-neck tops
  • long necklaces; dangling or teardrop earrings
  • very long thin stoles or scarves to hang down
  • high hairstyles (high bun, very high ponytail) or hats
  • shoes the same color as your pants, or your tights, or your skin in the summer

Light colors make you look good!

magrande size light colors look good

To blur your curves, wear mainly:

  • matt materials: thick cotton, linen, wool…
  • straight pants, high waist, in a slightly stiff fabric (not tight or stretchy): this lifts the thighs and stomach. For example: real jeans, linen pants…
  • skater skirts, knee length: they fade the hips and tummy
  • imperial dresses, vaporous dresses: they blur the roles

The V-neckline feminizes and elongates the silhouette

Princess-sized V-neckline feminizes your figure

The raw jeans without elastane lift your curves, the long open cardigan provides verticality, the light color gives freshness and femininity to your outfit

real jeans and long cardigan for verticality

To give lightness and femininity to your outfit, choose:

  • flowing fabrics, or fabrics that fly a little: a top with a voile lining, an airy skirt or dress…
  • reveal the thinnest parts of your body: neck, ankles, wrists… Roll up your sleeves, wear ¾ sleeves, roll up your pants in a 7/8 cut…
  • light, fresh and cheerful colors
  • mark your waist with a belt or scarf.

The skater skirt blurs the hips and tummy

skater skirt blurs tummy and hips

Banish what crushes:

  • mid-rise skirts; cropped cropped pants; very long coats
  • low-rise pants; skirts with low waist
  • the great color contrasts between the top and the bottom (white jersey + black pants for example)
  • very flat shoes, especially if they are not the same color as your pants. A heel, even if it is only 2 cm, will deter you!
  • the shoulder bag worn too low: adjust it between your navel and your hip

Watch out for low-waisted pants and skirts

jeans shorts high waist belt white crop top

Avoid anything that adds volume and anything that catches the eye:

  • large blocks of dark colors: for example a large black cardigan
  • shiny materials (satin with reflections, sequins, sequins) and textured materials (coarse knit wool with a knit look, cables, large embroidery, fur, teddy fleece, etc.)
  • stand-up collars, turtlenecks
  • large jackets (parka, down jacket, fur, aviator jacket, etc.)
  • bubble skirts; wide pants with large pockets
  • the big patterns

The big black vest should be avoided: it makes you bulkier, it doesn’t beautify you and the black color doesn’t look good!

big black vest should be avoided

How do you dress well when you’re petite with shapes?

If you are round or have a tummy, and you are short, make sure you choose the right length for your clothes, which will give you elegance and femininity without overdoing it:

  • T-shirt, tops: sleeves above the elbow; ¾ sleeves, long sleeves
  • Skirts: on the knees (or just above), or at the feet
  • Jackets: fitted, knee length
  • Dresses: Empire cut to the foot; wrap dress to the knee…
  • Do not bare your arms (tank tops) or your thighs (miniskirt).

Focus: wear leggings right when you’re around

  • Choose a matte fabric (cotton).
  • Combine it with a liquid or vapor top.
  • Shoes: Avoid ballerinas because with leggings it will wrap you up. Instead, opt for ankle boots, pumps or oxfords with heels.

Learn how to combine flowing tops

animal print tunic fashion curvy ladies leather pants

How to look away from your body when you are self-aware

  • Finally, if you are complexed by your body, or just want to be radiant:
  • Beautify your face with professional, radiant and fresh makeup. If you don’t like makeup, at least wear a nice lipstick.
  • Take the time to make your hair a beautiful hairstyle.
  • Complete your outfits with large colorful jewelry and colorful or original handbags. Wear light-colored hats or headbands.
  • Smile and cultivate a good mood every day!

All this will distract your gaze from your figure and help you forget about your complexes.

Choose accessories that attract attention

light jeans top neck trendy fashion accessories black wide brim hat

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