How to adapt a cap to your clothing style

An accessory that can be personalized at will, the cap takes a preferred place in certain closets. Heads up his cap, but in addition to reflecting your personality, a hat should also match the style of your looks of the day. To avoid fashion mistakes, find our tips for adapting a cap to your clothing style.

From the famous Dad hat to the gavroche model, variants of the cap, there are quite a few. Yet it is mainly the snapback, trucker and fivepanel models that we are used to personalizing to stand out. Because unlike traditional caps like Sailor, NY or Army, which adhere to a strict dress code, casual street style caps have unique designs. Text, typography, patch, embroidery, there are several ways to personalize a snapback – the heir to the baseball cap, established into a true symbol of streetwear.

Adjust the color of the cap to match your outfit

The first customizable element that wants to be adapted to your personal style: the color of the personalized cap. This should not only suit your clothing style, but also your temperament. So, if you have a rather discreet personality who doesn’t like looks that are too flashy and flashy, then bet on the range of neutrals. Black, gray, brown, earthy tones are especially suitable. If you want to make a difference at the level of the caquette, opt for an acid color. Of course, if you have a favorite team, artist or movie, your accessory will take on a color scheme inspired by it. This way you give a voice to the hat to communicate your interests and passions to others.

Classic streetwear with clothes and hat in black color

Choose a text and typography that suits us

The same would be the role of the chosen text and typography. Customizable in the same way as the color, design and materials, the text makes the hat real. Again, the style is linked to the message you want to convey. If it’s borrowed from popular culture, you don’t have much freedom to experiment. On the other hand, if you have a favorite drawing, motif or quote, don’t hesitate to personalize it to your liking. To give your hat a unique touch, the embroidered 3D effect is a real chic and worked accent. The leather patch would give it a stylish retro touch. For personalization you can also have a desired logo or pattern engraved.

Text and typography as desired

men's snapback cap with sweatshirt and original printed logo

Adjust the cap to your clothing style

However, the most important thing is to match the cap to your clothing style. Otherwise, the aesthetic rendering may seem unusual, even ridiculous. In general, the cap oscillates between two opposing styles, namely the street style and the casual chic style. Here’s how to match your hat to these two dress codes.

The street style

From sportswear to sweatshirts to chic streetwear, the cap fits perfectly in a casual style. Celebrities like David Beckham find it hard to part with their jogging tracksuits, complete with the essential cap. To get a chic look and take on a look inspired by hip-hop fashion, there is nothing better than a set of ripped jeans, sweatshirt and cap. It’s streetwear in its purest form. At the top, wear a men’s bomber jacket, a denim jacket, a bomber jacket or a jacket – depending on the season.

Classic streetwear with reverse snapback

street style idea for women with snapback and streetwear outfit

The casual-chic style

Finally, the most sophisticated way to wear a cap is to associate it with a casual chic outfit. The most traditional combination is the checked shirt, chinos and cap set. You can still experiment with a T-shirt, jacket and dress pants. This combination may seem unusual to you, but for an occasion that does not necessarily require the right dress, this option would give you a warm look.

Accessorize your outfit with a cap to relax your dressed look

example of casual chic style with hat black t-shirt chino pants

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