The complete guide to choosing the dress for a curvy woman with a tummy

Many women are concerned about their appearance and want to hide their tummy while wearing feminine clothes. If you are one of these women, do not hesitate to consult the following lines to find out how to put on the feminine piece of choice, and more specifically the dress for curvy women with a tummy!

To choose the right dress, you must first make sure that it does not stick around the stomach. Dresses with a draped element around the centerpiece work very well. Remember that asymmetrical dresses are also very good for diverting attention from the problem area while creating a vertical line. Non-stick and patterned dresses are great for camouflaging the tummy area. Keep in mind that you can add a nice necklace. This way you draw even more attention away from the belly.

This is how you choose the right dress for a round woman with a belly

What color dress for curvy women?

Note that single-colored, dark clothing is the best choice. Dark colors really do make you look fitter, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear pastels. You have the option of applying light colors such as beige, pistachio green, light pink and cream. However, know that cutting out the parts is really the most important thing.

Dark colors really make it look fitter

long dress for round woman black dress with floral patterns split with belt

Dress for curvy and petite women

Keep in mind that big and bold patterns will make you appear taller and chubby than you actually are. That is why it is important to bet on dresses with fine prints to look slim and elegant. Even if you buy dresses with such prints, be careful that they are not in a very bold or contrasting shade with the color of the dress or top.

Long dress for round woman with belly

If you’re struggling to find a long dress that really flatters your figure, consider opting for a wrap dress. This style is very flattering on all body types and accentuates the parts of your body you love. These dresses have more fitted cuts at the top and usually a V-neckline. In addition, the belted waist has a slimming effect on any figure.

Long dress for round woman with belly

elegant round women's dress with floral motifs, belt and long feminine vision

Empire dress for curvy women

Are you looking for an elegant dress? Why not try the Empire dress? This dress has a fitted top that shows off your torso. The lower part of the dress is loose and draws attention away from the belly.

Dress to camouflage the belly

Know that the babydoll dress is an excellent piece that allows you to hide your tummy. These slip dresses are usually loose, sexy and extremely versatile. In addition, if they are loose enough, they will not draw attention to the problem area. Pleated dresses are also an absolute must-have if you want to camouflage your belly. It should be borne in mind that vertical pleats visually lengthen the silhouette. Applying the same principle of using texture to distract the eye, ruffled dresses offer beautiful alternatives for those who don’t want to emphasize the tummy. Ruffles are not only beautiful and flowing, they also help to hide this area.

Choose a dress that camouflages the belly

dress for women round with hips elegant black dress to the knee

Evening dress for curvy and petite women

When you’re petite, the most flattering long evening dresses are those with a simple, elegant silhouette. Dresses with A-line skirts and Empire dresses are the best models for curvy and petite women. If you go for evening wear with a jacket, remember that it should fall at or just above the hip.

Evening dress for curvy and petite women

evening dress for curvy women

How do you dress when you are around in H?

One of the biggest advantages of a rectangular body shape is that you can choose which parts to emphasize. If you want to show off your curves, opt for tops that shape your waist and add volume to your torso. When it comes to jeans, make sure they complement your look as a whole. If you’re going for a voluminous top, balance it with skinny pants or jeans and vice versa.

Figure 8 morphology with abdomen

Note that wrap dresses are perfect for the figure 8 body shape. Straight or tapered skirts work beautifully with this silhouette, especially when associated with wrap tops. Tight cuts and tailored jackets are ideal for defining your appearance. The bask on the jacket or top is ideal for such a figure, as it adapts very well to wide hips. Straight pants and V-necks are also ideal for figure 8. Don’t forget to add bracelets and earrings. But make sure you don’t add too many accessories at neck height and don’t tuck in tops, as this will shorten you. Instead, opt for a belt that gives your look the finishing touch.

Straight trousers are ideal for body shapes 8

how to dress when you are small with shapes that match gray pants and a jacket white top

How do you dress if you’re round with a belly?

Keep in mind that tight clothes only emphasize the imperfections of the figure. So it’s best to wear layers without emphasizing the waist and hips. Don’t forget to bet on pieces of the same color. Vertical elements, patterns and stripes make you look taller and fitter. But you also need to consider the width of the scratches and their frequency. Wide stripes can make you visually less fit. So opt for narrow and frequent stripes. A great way to hide the tummy is to wear an A-line dress with no tight zones. High waist dresses are also a good option. If you wear such dresses, you can bet on brighter colors. Keep in mind that clothes that are too big can make you look fuller.

This is how you dress if you’re round with a tummy

how to dress if you are chubby with a tummy, flowered dress boots with belt

how do you dress when you are round with a v-neckline tummy-length floral dress

Chic outfit idea for the office

how do you dress when you are round and small?

morphology in 8 with belly which dress to choose color cream black thigh high boots

which dress for curvy woman?

A summery vision, enhanced by a floral dress

Dress with floral belt

Idea of ​​a very elegant evening dress

long dress for women silver round woman evening dress with belt

dress to camouflage the belly accent on the waist to slim the silhouette dress in burgundy red

dress for women round with olive green belly belt v-neck half-length sleeves

dress for round with belly belt in white and blue vertical stripes

dress for women round and small to the knee peach color black pumps

women's dress style round dark gray straight pants black v-neck top

round women outfit light pink pleated skirt top suits white black leather vest

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