these clothes and accessories to assert your style after 50 years

In ‘s family fashion trendswe ask for the ones that every woman can make her own, no matter what age† Because more than ever, 2022 is blurring the BCBG image we had of the gorgeous fifty-year-old cast in a trouser suit that’s a little too classic to be up-to-date. All in all, if the mode business woman activity continues, the style with which it was associated is ultimately not the most suitable for women older than (or younger) 50 yearswho want to pimp their wardrobe with a touch of modernity

What are the fashion trends you can apply to improve your silhouette after 50 years? (and even earlier)

When charming basics for your wardrobe are in sight, new trends lighthouses take a stand and establish themselves as the perfect clothes for improve your silhouette at age 50† The trick? Wear them differently to revive the way of appropriation.

a bomber

As it lands in the dressing room of the most sensational fashionistas, the bomber jacket is the element that lifts their style. From its vintage and comforting aesthetic to its unwavering utilitarian aspect, the bomber stands out as the ultimate seasonal investment, especially if you want to looks great at 50

How do you wear it with style?

Especially to think that this aviator jacket is sufficient on its own and does not require additional artifice to shine in society. To modernize his look, the aim is to associate him with sensual clothes to contrast with his country look. Choose from pumps or babies with heels, a partially unbuttoned shirt and flared jeans -flare or bootcut- to assert yourself.

Babies with heels

everything fashion trends, we will keep this as a priority. And rightly so, babies with heels – and more so, nodaleto– are the added value for any self-respecting wardrobe in 2022. Or we have 20 years, 30 years, 40 years or 50 years and more, these vintage shoes are essential to any stylistic survival.

How do you wear them with style?

Like many other trends, if heeled babies aren’t limited to age limits, there are several ways to wear them to have even more style when you’re over 50. Let’s not only wear babies with classic clothes, but choose a perfect amalgamation of styles. In other words, let’s wear these retro shoes with khaki cargo pants and a white blouse, or in another register with high white socks, culottes and a camisole hidden at the waist of the pants.

Flared Pants

Emerging since the revival of fashion in the 1970s, flared pants is the perfect ally for young or mature women who want refine their silhouette and lengthen their legs† A feat justified by tapering lines from the thighs to the knees, which then flare out to fall to the ankles.

How do you wear it with style?

As simple as possible. With a pair of cowboy boots, a blazer too bigand an accumulation of gold jewelry.

A quilted overshirt

Lighter than a jacket and thicker than a shirt, the overshirt is the ideal piece to temper your body -and your style- midway through the season. At the beginning of the year, we love it all the more in imitation leather and quilted. Stylistic details that give an extra je-ne-sais quoi to this utilitarian piece, rescued from the locker room of hunters and fishermen of yesteryear.

How do you wear it with style?

With straight jeans, slingbacks, and don’t forget to roll up the sleeves of the overshirt.

An oversized blazer

As women have been adopting menswear for several seasons to boost their fashion quotient, it was enough for the oversized blazer — like the suit jacket — to become one of the most promising trends of the modern age.

How do you wear it with style?

Two schools face each other. The first is to wear the blazer layered style, in other words, layering different layers of clothing on top or bottom to give the blazer extra style. The second is meant to be worn next to the skin for a sexy touch.

A hood

called hood or balaclava, this accessory we wore twenty years ago is no longer shunned and is once again legion. And contrary to popular belief, in 2022 the balaclava isn’t just for young women fashion weekbut indeed for the general public, lovers of its retro charm.

How do you wear it with style?

By remembering the quote less is more, as the hood is already a strong link in itself. After 50 years or even earlier, the balaclava is worn without eccentricity, but with clothes that are as simple as they are trendy. A padded jacket, pleated pants or immaculate sneakers will do the trick.

a denim skirt

Stolen in the locker room of our adolescence, the denim skirt is ideal for women who want an overdose of style in 2022. Our advice? Opt for a long skirt with a split to reveal some of the legs and make them longer.

How do you wear it with style?

With riding or platform boots, but also a turtleneck, rolled up sleeves.

square toe boots

Ubiquitous since last year, the boots from bratz enter the modosphere. What do we like? The style enhancement they promise by elongating the silhouette thanks to their solid heel and signature square toe.

How do you wear them with style?

With split trousers – trousers with a split hem – or simply straight trousers so that we can visualize them.

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