what if we reveal everything you need to know to be a fashion victim in 2022?

Do you want to give yourself a makeover and adopt a new look in this new year 2022? We can only advise you too much about men’s techwear. It is indeed the fashion trend of the moment. May we inform you a little? It is a clothing category with special fabrics with advanced technologies that definitely make you look younger. They also include cuts that allow for maximum mobility. Does this appeal to you? We’ve decided to lend you a hand by revealing the 5 pieces you absolutely must adopt to make an impact in 2022. Let’s go!

Technical clothing for men? Can you repeat ?

We get it: you’ve never heard of the techwear clothing style for men? Unless you live in Timbuktu (although…) you’ve probably already seen it in some guys this year if you live in a big city. Because it’s never too late to become a fashion victim, we explain what it is. The clothing style of techwear is a style that can be described as avant-garde with a very precise aesthetic touch and urban practical functions.

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He is heavily influenced by anticipation films like Matrix, Blade Runner or Mad Max. In summary, the men’s techwear style consists of a dressing room whose pieces are designed both practically and aesthetically. It is this ingenious blend of modern technology and fashion that gives rise to the techwear style. It’s clearer now, isn’t it?

Techwear for men: the essentials

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These clothes have common smart finishes that allow you to take advantage of a number of advantages. Do you see the difference with classic clothing? They offer us ventilated pockets, trouser legs with zippers or waterproof seams! Men are starting to love them because they meet their needs in every way: sporty and urban clothes at the same time. Techwear for men is the modern and luxurious comfort of a clothing line directly inspired by sportswear, streetwear and the future. Many pieces of technical clothing for men belong to outerwear. Let’s take a closer look at 5 pieces to adopt if you want to adopt this look in 2022.

the sneakers


Techwear shoes for men are designed to be as functional as possible: no laces, scratches or zippers to close. Returning to our films of anticipation presented above, men’s techwear sneakers are a kind of hybrid between the trekking shoe and those of the current streetwear fashion shows. It sucks, doesn’t it? Indeed, with a design straight from the future, these sneakers are popular: they are both aesthetically pleasing and super comfortable to wear. Indeed, designed with state-of-the-art materials, technical men’s sneakers are at the forefront of fashion by offering a perfect urban design style, a comfortable sole and excellent ankle support.

cargo pants

mens fashion trend 2022 techwear style cargo pants

Let’s stick to movie references with the cult Back to the Future. Cargo pants are no exception to the rule either and have made a comeback in recent months. Who would have believed it? It is completely hip again in the various fashion collections 2021-2022. Originally from the military world, somewhat forgotten in the early 2000s, the cargo pants are being rediscovered as an essential part of the techwear style for men. He actually has it all. It is the prototype of the modern and resistant garment capable of giving a very trendy urban style.

the parka

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The techwear parka primarily fulfills a functional role: resistant to cold and bad weather. Moreover, it is one of the essential pieces of this style due to its soft retro-futuristic aesthetic side. The models are many and adapted to all tastes: long cut, extra large, mega quilted, colored, black or khaki… etc. With a loose cut, dark colors or in a camouflage style, a long sweatshirt is perfect to complete your look to make .

the windbreaker

mens techwear style clothing fashion trend 2022

Like the parka, the windbreaker is an important part of men’s technical clothing style. The urban style for men comes straight from Japanese fashion and can withstand the cold and rain. It also has its functional side. Indeed, it has many pockets to hold everyday items such as the mobile phone or the iPad Mini 19 . to store and protect

Technical clothing for men: accessories

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Let’s finish with the icing on the cake: the accessories. In order to perfect his outfit and improve his look, the techwear man complements his outfit with a number of elements. The idea is that these accessories are very functional. Let’s talk about pell-mell: the tactical vest, the cyberpunk mask, the chest bag, the banana bag or the techwear backpack…

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