where to bite into the best pizzas?

Driving through Naples, the temptation is ubiquitous to open the doors of one of the city’s countless pizzerias. It’s not a matter of resisting, so we choose one of these four tested and recognized locations.

We show up without a reservation. If there’s room, we’ll go right in. Otherwise, give your first name at the entrance and wait on the curb to be called. We were helped quickly and cheaply. You can eat with your fingers and talk loudly. For Neapolitans, pizzerias are not really restaurants like the others. But rather popular and open places, where everyone can find a dish that is accessible, comforting and friendly to everyone.

They all prepare the Neapolitan pizza of course. The dough must rise for at least eight hours, then be rolled out by hand and baked with the filling in a wood-fired oven for 60 to 90 seconds. The difference from address to address lies in a mysterious alchemy between the choice of ingredients and the atmosphere. Difficult, therefore, to make a ranking of the best pizzerias in Naples! However, here are four addresses that, in our opinion, prepare excellent Neapolitan pizzas.

da Attilio

In the popular area of ​​Pignasecca, connected to the quarteri spagnoli, this pizza place is not flash. Attilio Bachetti, the boss, stands at the entrance, behind a glass counter, unrolling the dough by hand. He’s not a boaster, despite all the awards he’s received for his work, which adorns the walls of the cream-colored room. Special feature of the house, here it is a point of honor to only use products of excellent quality. Without being afraid to experiment with new flavor combinations, such as on the pizza with artichoke cream and olives from Gaeta. Nor to change from the classic shape, by offering a star-shaped pizza, where each branch is filled with ricotta.

Da Attilio. Via Pignasecca, 17. Tel. : +39 081 552 0479. Mon-Sat 12pm-3pm and 7pm-11pm. €7-9 per pizza.

Starita a Materdei

On the sprawling heights of the Materdei district, which stretches on the hillside behind the archaeological museum, get lost in the alleys before reaching the Starita pizzeria. On weekends, a compact crowd waits on the sidewalk. It discusses in Neapolitan, while waiting for his name into the microphone. Don’t worry, in the worst case the waiting time will be no more than half an hour. In 1954, the locals even welcomed Sofia Loren, in the role of a beautiful pizza chef. But it is above all the quality that continues to make it successful, with a loyal customer base. We love the hyper-gourmet combinations on the menu: pistachios and sausages, porcini mushrooms and walnuts, zucchini flour and provola…

starita. Via Materdei, 27/28. Such an. : +39 081 557 3682. Mon-Sat 12 noon to midnight. €7-8 for a pizza (specials at €10).

Concetina ai tre Santi

This pizzeria in the Sanità neighborhood is still dedicated to the great-grandmother, but it is now Ciro Oliva, fourth generation, who works in the kitchen. The decor is modern and colorful, inspired by local markets. We open the menu and find the spelling used on the stalls to indicate the price and origin of the products. When it comes to pizzas, creativity and humor are in order. If you opt for a San Gennaro, embellished with taralli napoletani, the server asks “with or without a miracle?” “. “With” a miracle, the pizza is served with tomato sauce, “without”, in its 100% cheese version. Since for Italians pizza and beer are inextricably linked, we serve here a nice selection of artisanal drinks, blond or amber. Still hungry for dessert? We also serve the Delizia al Limonea sweetness from the Amalfi Coast wrapped in lemon cream.

Concetina ai tre Santi. Via Arena della Sanita, 7bis. Such an. : +39 081 290037. Open every day from 12 noon to midnight, closed on Sunday evening. €10 pppp

Antica Pizza Fritta da Zia Esterina Sorbillo

In the heart of old Naples with its black cobblestones, in this artery of the historic center built on the old decumanus Romain, we are looking for the most extravagant pizza, in its street food version but above all fried. You have to see it to believe it: Submerged in a bath of oil, the pizza dough pan inflates with air, allowing the ingredients to steam inside. A feat of simplicity, which means that this nutritious dish does not leave our stomachs. To taste it, we choose the counter of the Sorbillo family, known for the worldwide success of Gino, who has opened several addresses in Italy and the United States.

Antica Pizza Fritta da Zia Esterina Sorbillo. Via dei Tribunali, 35 (no phone). Mon-Sat, 12pm-3pm and 7pm-2.30pm. Pizza fritta for €2.

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