Bohemian Style Women’s Clothing – Photos and Tips to Make It Work

Bohemian outfits inspired by the hippie of the 70s are super romantic, casual and at the same time very comfortable to wear. Of course, these are just a few of the many positive adjectives that can successfully describe stylish women’s clothing. Bohemia† But how do you bring a little bohemian look into your everyday wardrobe without completely revamping it? Let’s explore the answers with 10 tips to make bohemian fashion work without giving up our own unique style!

Bohemian style women’s clothing – casual chic and absolute comfort!

women's clothing bohemian style everyday-casual-chic

First of all, don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of gear to go with this somewhat out-of-the-ordinary style. You can always put together a successful outfit, even if you don’t have an entire wardrobe full of boho chic clothing and accessories.

What are the ‘golden rules’ of bohemian fashion?

women's clothing-bohemian-style-long-dress-lace skirt-side slit

In the end, any bohemian style women’s clothing can be a winner, provided we observe the “golden rules” below. In this order of ideas, we start with a fashion approach particularly suited to the colder months of the year.

Dare to layer clothes to achieve the bohemian look

women's clothing-bohemian-style-shoulder bag-accessories-boho-chic

Indeed, it is the so-called “layering”, the English word that describes the superimposition of several different garments. The key to success is that each layer is clearly visible, otherwise you are just bundled up.

Layering the elements of your outfit is the key to success

women's clothing-bohemian-style-giant-scarf-fringes-skirt-top

Moreover, the pursuit of apparent “layering” is not a fashion approach limited to clothing. As you may have noticed, the bohemian look is not exactly known for being understated. Accessories and jewelry can therefore also be a bit exaggerated and daringly layered on top of each other.

A loose women’s piece in bohemian style is never out of place!

women's clothing-bohemian-style-everyday-life-street-style

Normally, fashion specialists strongly advise against wearing too loose clothing, as this does not promote the beautiful feminine proportions. However, one of the signature features of the bohemian look is the fuzzy, baggy, even completely oversized silhouette.

Bohemian fashion is not known for sticking to the general rules!

women's clothing-bohemian-style-cardigan-oversized-boots

We prefer a top or a wide skirt (or pants), but rarely both at the same time. The aim is, as always, to emphasize the strengths of the body and optically camouflage the disadvantages.

Fuzzy jumpsuit with high waist belt – a super chic bohemian style women’s piece

women's clothing-bohemian-style-jumpsuit-loose-belt-wide-waist

For example, if you opt for a fuzzy jumpsuit, you can always emphasize the waist with a wide belt. Bohemian clothing tip for women: An oversized scarf or cardigan is multifunctional, regardless of the specific morphology.

The flared pants are a subtle alternative to the hyper-loose pants

women's clothing-bohemian-style-flared-pants-printed-polka-dots

Speaking of which, flare pants are a more subtle, yet equally hippie alternative to hyper-loose leg pants. You can take it easy in a sober or dramatic variant, according to your style, or even according to your mood at the time.

Who says women’s clothing in bohemian style, says frills!

women's clothing-bohemian-style-sober-dress-hat-bag-fringes

Honestly, when we talk about bohemian and hippie style outfits and accessories, it seems that fringe is everywhere. Whether you opt for a little black dress with thin straps trimmed with fringes or for a slightly wild country shoulder bag, you’re in the right place!

Little black dress with fringes, paired with a kimono jacket for an eclectic look

women's clothing-bohemian-style-short-black-dress-fringes-kimono-jacket

Then don’t be afraid of the eclectic that normally goes with the bohemian look. In fact, mixing materials, styles, and even eras is one of the best ways to achieve an extraordinary aesthetic.

Bohemian Lace Wedding Dress and Long Black Floral Dress

women's clothing-bohemian-style-wedding dress-lace-long-flower-dress

While it’s perfect for it, the super-soft lace isn’t made exclusively for the wedding day. Sometimes all you need is a dress, blouse or shirt in this openwork fabric to channel the special energy of the bohemian style!

Loose fit shirt with lace collar, combined with shoulder bag with fringes

women's clothing-bohemian-style-decorated-lace-blouse-bag-fringes

Even if the garment in question is not entirely lace, a few jagged accents will suffice. For example, the loose shirt with lace collar above looks good boho, accentuated by the fringed shoulder bag.

The bohemian look has a soft spot for prints!

women's clothing-bohemian-style-dress-printed-patchwork-gipsy

When we talk about bohemian style women’s clothing, most people imagine a multicolored and super bold printed outfit. And that’s completely normal, because whether we admit it or not, bohemian fashion is of course a bit gypsy – in the best sense of the word.

Dare the mismatched but totally bohemian gypsy look!

women's clothing-bohemian-style-skirt-top-prints-fur coat

Times have changed and some taboos have simply disappeared. This way you no longer have to match the patterns and colors of the elements of your outfit. On the contrary, be cheeky and you’ll be rewarded: the more your look gets mixed up, the bigger the boho-gypsy visual impact!

A bohemian-style printed women’s garment is anything but ordinary!

women's clothing-bohemian-style-long-flowery-skirt-leather-coat

In short, anyone who loves colour, summer, music, dance and who appreciates the joy of life every day cannot do without at least one printed bohemian style women’s clothing to wear with confidence!

Eye-catching accessories and eye-catching jewelry not to be missed!

bracelets-necklaces-exotic-wedding-women's clothes-bohemian-style

Speaking of the gypsy look, we can’t leave out the eye-catching accessories and the downright brilliant flashy jewellery. It seems they all have the same mission: to impress with their strong stylistic statement.

How do you accessorize women’s clothing in bohemian style?

women's clothing-bohemian-style-poncho-fringes-shoulder bag-wooden-glasses

Shoulder bags with ethnic motifs, fedora hats, eyewear in extraordinary shapes and more, and lavish costume jewelry are just some of the good options to complement a woman’s bohemian style attire.

A giant scarf can be transformed into a skirt, top, kaftan or other bohemian style women’s clothing

women's clothing-bohemian-style-summer-beach-kaftan-exotic-print

If you ask yourself: “Which accessory goes with which bohemian-style women’s clothing?”, the giant scarf is the solution for every bohemian look. In addition, if necessary or just for the sake of the eye, it can become a skirt, a dress, a bandana or a spicy detail to clip on the shoulder strap of your bag!

Hats off to the bohemian style!

women's clothing-bohemian-style-hat-accessories-gipsy

A wide-brimmed hat is super practical in several ways! It can not only protect you from the sun in summer, but also become the perfect accessory for any bohemian style women’s clothing.

Headbands, braids, necklaces and flowers in the hair to complete the boho look

women's clothing-bohemian-style-headband-makeup-manicure

Exotic headbands are another hippie chic option that goes perfectly with the bohemian look. Thanks to music festivals and fashion bloggers, the flower crown is also becoming an increasingly common accessory.

A bohemian style women’s garment can take on several gorgeous faces!


In short, bohemian style women’s clothing can take on different faces and can be equipped with many beautiful details! Take your existing wardrobe as a base, add one or two “strategic” outfits and you’re ready for the warm seasons to come!

Stay true to your own look and add a dose of casual chic!

women's clothing-bohemian-style-elegant-coat-long-shorts

Last but not least, stay unpredictable and stick to your own tried and true look, have fun putting together your outfits and enjoy the seemingly small everyday things to absorb the essence of carefree bohemian living!

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