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Caroline Bopp (left) and her cook Flora, in a hanging garden with unique flavors. Photo week

Caroline Bopp offers inclusive, local and seasonal recipes. She made a success of her food intolerances: her own restaurant which she opened rue Gambetta, near the Metz station.

A table for everyone. This is perhaps the expression that best describes the Jardin Suspendu, a gastronomic brand that opened its doors a few months ago on rue Gambetta in Metz, a stone’s throw from the train station. The concept ? To offer a healthy and gourmet cuisine to suit all diets: flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans, allergic intolerances or simply meat lovers, there is something for everyone.

Tolerant kitchen

It is Caroline Bopp who leads the boat. “We are not a vegetarian restaurant. We offer a kitchen that adapts to everyone,” she emphasizes. The idea came to him from a personal experience. After many years of abstaining from herself, she developed several intolerances, especially to eggs, milk and gluten. It’s all her diet that she then has to review and reconsider. Especially for her who is a great lover of pastries. It is then a culinary obstacle course that begins. First of all, you have to learn to cook again. We discover new foods, new recipes. “In the beginning there weren’t many references to rely on. Only later did certain chefs start to take an interest in it,” emphasizes Caroline Bopp. She also studied with Linda Vongdara, a Parisian chef who is recognized in the world of vegetable cooking.

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first attempts

If the idea of ​​starting her club is not obvious to her at first, she has been immersed in the restaurant business from an early age. “My two uncles and my brother are restaurateurs and my father-in-law was the director of the CFA cuisine de Metz for a long time,” she explains. However, the click only takes place later. “I worked for a long time at the SNCF as a controller, which involved a lot of traveling and rather tight schedules,” the young forty-year-old develops. This is where it all gets complicated. It’s not easy to find something to eat outside that doesn’t contain eggs, milk, or gluten. She therefore chooses to develop her own recipes. After several years of improvement, she finally decided to open her own restaurant-bar. A non-discriminatory cuisine that caters to all diets, forced or not.

Laughing, she remembers her first culinary attempts: “It wasn’t famous,” she laughs. Today she has made it her specialty. His biggest challenge? Succeed in a good pastry, which is gourmet, and most importantly gluten-free. “The hardest part was succeeding in reproducing certain textures,” she confides. But with practice, it’s just a distant memory. The most emblematic sweetness of the house? Definitely the lemon tart. “I have a friend who loves the lemon tart from the TGV bar. So she challenged me to make the same one again, a vegetarian version. A challenge she has successfully taken on.

Organic and local

Le Jardin Suspendu is also and above all a predominantly organic, local and seasonal cuisine. “It’s good, in every sense of the word! We do good for ourselves, for others and for the planet. Every week, Caroline Bopp and Flora, who support her in the kitchen, offer two mix pots, two sandwiches, a vegetarian burger and a weekly special with seasonal vegetables. Flora, who she personally trained in vegetarian and gluten-free cooking before opening a shop. And beware of those who might say that a special diet rhymes with nutritional deficiencies. “I have never eaten so many different types of flour since I became gluten intolerance,” assures the landlord.

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At 4 rue Gambetta, every meal is customizable. For the ingredients, she gets her supplies from Moselle producers and traders: Les Jardins du Val de Moselle (Metz), Les Pains Vagabonds (Gorze), La Fée Maraîchère (Hagondange), the bread for the sandwiches is bought there a few steps away ,” at Henry’s”. In terms of influences, Caroline Bopp gets inspiration from what she sees, from travelling, from what she likes to eat. His cuisine combines products from here and herbs from elsewhere for a perfect balance on the plate.

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